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Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: ‘I Am An Iowan’

Bachmann[dot]house[dot]govDES MOINES, Iowa -- Congresswoman Michele Bachmann represents Minnesota’s sixth Congressional district, but lately she sounds a lot like she’s looking to relocate.

Bachmann, who was born in Iowa and appears to be setting herself up for a presidential bid, played up her local roots at a forum for potential 2012 Republican candidates in Des Moines Saturday.

“I am an Iowan,” she declared before a cheering crowd, noting that she was born in Waterloo in 1956. “I am a seventh generation Iowan -- that’s even better.”

Bachmann said her “forebears were big, tall, strapping” Norwegians. “I don’t know where I came from in the DNA chain,” she joked.

She recounted how her ancestors settled in Iowa, believing it to be “the land of milk and honey.”

“And it’s all true isn’t it? It is the land of milk and honey,” she said. “But everything that my great, great, great, great grandparents worked for and that your ancestors worked for is at risk today.”

Speaking at the Conservative Principles Conference, a gathering organized by her friend and House colleague, Iowa Rep. Steve King, Bachmann received an enthusiastic reception, delivering a series of applause lines aimed at pleasing the largely Republican activist audience.

“They've got Iowa's money in Washington, DC,” she said. “Let's bring it home!”

Bachmann, who recently told ABC News that she is “in for 2012” -- not an official declaration of a candidacy, but close enough to keep political observers in Iowa and the rest of the country talking -- repeated the same promise on Saturday. If she does decide to run, she will clearly be hoping that the years she lived in the state as a child will give her an edge with caucus-goers.

She has spent the better part of the last week here, speaking at a home-schooling convention in Des Moines on Wednesday, a conference of religious conservatives on Thursday as well as King’s event.

“What happens between now and November 6 of 2012 -- especially here in Iowa -- will forge the difference with what happens in 2012,” Bachmann said. “What we are about to determine here in Iowa is whether or not, quite frankly, we will pass the American dream on to the next generation.”

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