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Rove-Backed Super PAC $25M Ad Buy Attacks Obama

Tom Pennington/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Karl Rove backed GOP super PAC Crossroads GPS announced Friday a new $25 million ad buy in nine battleground states launching next week.

The new ad titled “Excuses” will run in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia from July 10 through early August.

Pegged to today’s jobs report that showed employers added 80,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent, the ad is described in a release as the “first wave of a $25 million advocacy effort.”

The 30 second ad begins with an unemployment line before moving to a graphic  over a picture of Barack Obama that reads “President Obama: Bad Excuses for the Economy.” Then a moving graphics lists various reasons for the struggling economy. The commercial ends with “Tell President Obama: Cut the Out-of-Control Debt.”

“We’re suffering through one of the weakest economic recoveries in our history, and the only thing President Obama is offering is slogans and excuses,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS, in a statement.  “People are hungering for practical solutions to our skyrocketing debt and flat-lined economy, and that’s what we are putting forward in our New Majority Agenda.”

The large buy was announced less than two hours after the sluggish jobs report and it’s the latest move for the Rove-backed super PAC. Although super PACs are not allowed to coordinate with the candidate, the rules are loosely defined, and Rove was able to attend and speak at Mitt Romney’s donor retreat earlier this month in Park City, Utah.

It’s unclear if Rove was soliciting donations at the event, but he spoke at the “media insight” panel and told reporters afterward it was “damn good.”

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Karl Rove, Claire McCaskill Spar Days After Rove's Ads Air Against Her

Tom Pennington/Getty Images(ST. LOUIS) -- Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Republican strategist Karl Rove bumped into each other at the St. Louis Airport Monday afternoon, just 10 days after Rove launched an ad campaign targeting the senator.

“Just gave Karl Rove a wave & friendly hi in St Louis airport. Even tho he's up on TV distorting my record, still wanted to show good manners,” McCaskill, D-Mo., tweeted Monday afternoon.

Rove replied about an hour later, tweeting “Saw @clairecmc @ St Louis airport -- she waved but wasn’t happy. Must be @crossroadsgps ads on her bad votes/broken promises 2 cut spending.”

The ad was part of a $20 million ad buy from Crossroad GPS, a conservative group linked to Rove. The 30-second spot opens with a clip of McCaskill saying, “The debt is a real problem. The deficit is a real problem.”

Then a narrator says, “Oh really senator? You voted for skyrocketing debt, the failed stimulus and Obamacare.”

McCaskill is one of five Democratic senators targeted by the Crossroads GPS ads. The group unveiled Monday that it will target 10 House Democrats in a new buy that totals $1.4 million. The ad aims to negatively impact public perception of Democrats’ stance on the debt and deficit.

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Independent GOP Group Attacks House Dems in TV Ad Campaign

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Independent pro-Republican advocacy group Crossroads GPS unveiled a million dollar TV ad campaign Monday targeting 10 House Democrats in nine states for their support of the federal stimulus program, the bank bailout, and raising the nation's debt limit.   

The group, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization with ties to strategist Karl Rove, said it would spend $1.4 million to air the 30-second spots for the next two weeks in the Democrats’ congressional districts, which are seen as battlegrounds in 2012.  

The buy, significant this early in the House races, comes as part of $20 million campaign by Crossroads GPS to frame the ongoing debt and deficit debate and influence the upcoming elections.

"President Obama is leveraging his bully-pulpit for millions of dollars in free airtime, and as the debt negotiations unfold we must make sure Americans are getting the facts about the reckless spending in Washington,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS.

Last month, the group took aim at President Obama’s economic record with a $5 million TV ad buy in 10 swing states.

The latest ads are critical of Democratic Reps. Mike Ross of Arkansas, Jim Matheson of Utah, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Heath Shuler of North Carolina, Bill Owens and Tim Bishop of New York, Ben Chandler of Kentucky, Leonard Boswell of Iowa, Jerry Costello of Illinois and Lois Capps of California.  All but Capps, who won reelection in November by a large margin, are considered vulnerable in 2012.

While the ads may appear political, they are careful not to directly advocate for or against the election of the individual members of congress. 501(c) groups can conduct unlimited campaigning to advance social welfare or a public policy position, but are limited in direct electioneering. Such groups are also not required to disclose the identities of their donors.   

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Ad Campaign Blasts Obama, Targets 21 Battleground Media Markets

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- The national TV ad campaign launched Monday by Crossroads GPS attacking President Obama on the economy has aired in 31 media markets across ten states over the past two days, a source with knowledge of the ad buys told ABC News.

Twenty-one of those markets are in swing states Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, and Nevada.

Crossroads GPS, the independent group founded in part by Karl Rove, said last week it would spend $20 million on a TV ad campaign this summer criticizing the president.  The initial buy for the spot "Shovel Ready" cost $5 million and runs for two weeks, a spokesman said.

Here's a look at the cities targeted by the initial campaign:

  • Virginia: Norfolk, Roanoke, Richmond
  • South Carolina: Greenville
  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh
  • Montana: Butte, Billings
  • Iowa: Des Moines, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City
  • Texas: El Paso
  • Nebraska: Lincoln, Omaha
  • Florida: Orlando, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach
  • Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs
  • Missouri: Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis
  • Kansas: Kansas City
  • Nevada: Las Vegas, Reno
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque
  • Washington, D.C.

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Rove-Encouraged Third-Party Group Pushes House Dems to Support Tax Compromise

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Crossroads GPS -- the third-party group founded with the support of GOP guru Karl Rove that doesn’t disclose its donors and spent tens of millions of dollars running campaign ads in the midterms (largely against Democratic candidates) now needs 51 percent of its expediters to be issue-related, instead of campaign-related in order to maintain its tax status.

And it has begun -- with $400,000 for a one-week radio buy for ads to run in the congressional districts of a dozen House Democrats, to encourage them to vote for the tax compromise negotiated by President Obama.

“She’s bacccccckkkkk,” says the announcer in the 60-second ad. “Nancy Pelosi’s at it again…Trying to raise taxes while our economy struggles…On New Year’s Day, taxes skyrocket for everyone unless Congress acts. Even low-income families will see their tax rates increase by 50 percent. But Nancy Pelosi is blocking the bipartisan plan to stop these tax hikes.”

The ad asks “whose side” the congressman in question is on – will he or she “side with Nancy Pelosi to raise job-killing taxes, or with struggling families and the small businesses that can create the jobs we need?”

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