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Kid President Kicks Off Official Easter Egg Roll

The White House / Soul Pancake(WASHINGTON) -- The real president enlisted the help of "Kid President" Thursday as he kicked off the 2013 lottery for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Making his Kid President debut, President Obama sent a special message to his "mini-me."

“Kid President, looks like you got my message,” Obama said.

“Yes, Mr. President, I got your message,” Kid President responded over a tin can phone.

The 9-year-old Kid President is a “self-appointed voice for an entire generation,” telling it like it is and calling all kids to “keep on giving the world a reason to dance.”

His platform? “I’m not in a party – I am a party.”  

Robby Novak has become an Internet sensation. His video “Pep-talk from Kid President to You” has over 10 million hits on YouTube.

As for his RSVP to the Easter Egg Roll, he told the president, “This is historic....Kids dancing. Eggs rolling. I’m in!”

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Obama Puts Own Image on Basketball

Network Pool Photo(WASHINGTON) -- Using a special basketball festooned with his own image, President Obama shot some hoops Monday with former NBA players, Harlem Globetrotters and kids attending the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

The “Shoot for Strength” activity took place on the White House basketball court, where Daryll “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins and legendary shooting guard Mitch Richmond joined Globetrotters Herb Lang, Fatima Maddox, Jacob Tucker and Wun Versher to conduct drills with kids. The drill consisted of the kids doing pushups every time the professional players or President Obama scored.

In his first three shots he went 0 for 3. He missed seven shots before sinking his first.

The kids switched with the shooters, and the president dropped to the ground to do some pushups. “Somebody saw me cheating on my pushups,” the president joked.

He then moved on to tennis with Chris Evert. The tennis balls did not have his image on them.

“Four more years,” one woman said as he left the court.

“With your help,” he said.

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