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McCain Flubs Hit on Gingrich, Santorum While Stumping for Romney

Richard Ellis/Getty Images(CONWAY, S.C.) -- Another Mitt Romney event, another senior senator moment from Sen. John McCain.

On Friday, he mixed up the names of GOP candidates when trying to cast differences between Romney and his counterparts. "Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint have joined with me time and time again to go to the floor of the senate to fight against the earmark, pork barrel corruption that goes on in Washington, D.C., said McCain, speaking at a rally in a peanut warehouse. “Earmarks are a gateway to corruption. I can tell you that neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Santorum share that view.”

What McCain meant to say was that neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum share that view. McCain quickly tried to recover, going on to hit Gingrich on the earmark spending.

“When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, earmarks exploded,” said McCain. “Rick Santorum sponsored earmark after earmark. I went down to the floor and fought against those. My friends, earmarks are the gateway to corruption.”

“Members of Congress went to jail and I guarantee you this president,” said McCain, pointing at Romney, “will fight against it time after time."

During a rally on Thursday in Charleston, McCain erred when he replaced President Obama’s name in a line that was meant to laud Romney. “I am confident, with the backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around,” said McCain, immediately catching his error. “President Romney.”  

McCain officially endorsed Romney on Wednesday, and has been campaigning with the former Massachusetts governor in New Hampshire and South Carolina since.

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New Perry Video Highlights Candidate's High Points; Contains Typo

ABC News(AUSTIN, Texas) -- In a new video released only on the web, Rick Perry’s campaign highlights his debate performance from Saturday as an indicator that he is gaining “momentum.”

The nearly two minute video, titled “Momentum,” strings together clips of some of Perry’s strongest moments from the ABC News debate, including a moment where he hits opponents Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for the individual mandate, while also featuring commentary by pundits and journalists lauding his performance.

“I think he’s having something of a resurgence in Iowa,” Fox News’ Chris Wallace says as images of horses galloping through a field appears across the screen before switching to video of Perry sitting in front of a bale of hay on the bed of a truck.

Text appears across the screen citing Tim Albrecht, director of communications for Governor Branstad, who said during ABC News’ debate cover that Perry had his “strongest performance yet.”

But while the web spot features some of Perry’s more eloquent moments, the initial video has a small glitch of its own.  Around the 0:28 second mark, texts appears across the screen that misspells the word “Strengthen.

“Poll: Gingrich Fails, Perry Stengthens in Iowa,” the text reads quoting a Washington Examiner headline from Monday.

The Perry campaign says they are fixing the typo.

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