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Politifact to Review Rating After Romney Adviser’s Request for Retraction

PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images(WARWICK, R.I.) -- The editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking website Politifact says they will review their article rating as “mostly false” Romney’s claim about the high percentage of women who lost jobs under the Obama administration.

Politifact’s editor, Bill Adair, said in an email to ABC News that they are reviewing their work in light of a letter they received from Lanhee Chen, Romney’s policy director, earlier Wednesday.

“We’re reviewing our work on that fact check and will determine if we need to clarify or correct anything we did,” said Adair. “It’s worth noting that other fact checkers have reached the same conclusion we did.”

Politifact posted an article last week that specifically responded to a tweet sent out by Romney spokesman Andrea Saul in which she wrote, “FACT: Women account for 92.3% of the jobs lost under @BarackObama.” Since Saul’s original tweet, the campaign and Romney himself have seized on the line, repeating the 92.3-percent figure multiple times a day.

But the Politifact article conducted a fact check and found the claim to be “mostly false,” writing, “There is a small amount of truth to the claim, but it ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. We rate it Mostly False.”

According to Politifact, their rating stemmed from the fact that Saul used job numbers from the first month Obama was in office -- January 2009 -- and held the president entirely accountable for a situation he inherited. Additionally, the article writes that the Romney campaign ignores the fact that millions of jobs lost before Obama took office were held by men, leaving women to be those next hit by the recession.

Chen argues in his letter, in which he asks not only for a retraction but a “confirmation” of Saul’s accuracy, that Politifact was engaging in “Obama for Americaspin.”

“Your piece confirms Ms. Saul’s claim as accurate, and then relies on a direct contradiction with a prior Politifact piece and incorrect claims from two publicly acknowledged Obama supporters (including one Administration official!) as the basis for rating it ‘Mostly False,’” wrote Chen in the letter obtained by ABC News.

“I hope you will agree that this rating was inappropriate and that the piece does not reflect the journalistic standards to which your organization intends to hold itself. Please retract the piece and issue a correction as soon as possible,” he wrote.

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