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ABC News Exclusive: President Obama Talks Fatherhood

Official White House Photo by Annie Leibovitz(WASHINGTON) -- With Father's Day drawing near, President Obama sat down with ABC's Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview and shared some thoughts about fatherhood.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, 47, have two daughters, Sasha, 10, and Malia, 12.

The president, 49, opened up about what it was like to become a father for the first time, describing a scene that he says unfolded like the "the classic comical father situation."

When his wife told him she believed it was time to go to the hospital, he said his reaction was "like out of a sitcom.

"You know, I jump up and I'm looking for the bag. And fumbling for the car keys … ."

But, when he saw his daughter for the first time "it was love at first sight," he said.

As a father, the president said his chief worry was for his two daughters' health.

"One of my worst days was when Sasha, when she was 3 months old, got meningitis. And we rushed her to the emergency room. And … there was a stretch of time where we didn't know whether it might do permanent damage," he said.

Sasha had to have a spinal tap.

"You know … your world narrows to a very small point. That's all you care about," he said.

Asked whether he and the first lady were ready for what could happen when the girls became teenagers, he was very much the proud father.

"Number one. Malia and Sasha, for whatever reasons – and I think Michelle gets the lion's share of the credit – are right now just wonderful kids. They're smart, they're funny. But most importantly, they're kind, they're respectful, they're responsible, they're well-behaved. I could not ask for better kids. And so, I'm not anticipating complete mayhem for the next four, five years," he said.

He jokingly added: "I should also point out that I have men with guns that surround them often … ," adding that that security was "a great incentive" for running for re-election.

Any potential future boyfriends might want to take note.

"I might invite him over to the Oval Office," Obama said of any boys who could be in the girls' future, "ask him for his GPA. Find out what his intentions are, in terms of career.

He added: "Malia, Sasha, if you're watching this, I'm just joking."

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