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Obama Addresses Muslim World Again; Heads for G20 Summit

Photo Courtesy - Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images(JAKARTA, Indonesia) -- President Obama gave a major speech in Indonesia Tuesday night on U.S. relations with the Muslim world.  Speaking before a crowd of thousands at the University of Indonesia, the president insisted the U.S. will work with Muslim countries, like Indonesia, which show tolerance, not extremism.

"We can choose to be defined by our difference and give in to a future of suspicion and mistrust," Obama said.  "Or we can choose to do the hard work of forging common ground."

The president enforced his central message of tolerance, saying, "Innocent civilians in American, in Indonesia and across the world are still targeted by violent extremism.  I made it clear that America is not and never will be at war with Islam."

Tuesday's speech was Obama's second to the Muslim world.  His first was 17 months ago in Cairo, Egypt, where he declared a "new beginning" in U.S. relations with the Muslim world and promised personal engagement in the Middle East.

After his speech, President Obama boarded Air Force One to fly to Seoul, South Korea, where he will meet with economic leaders at the G20 summit.

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President Obama Set for 10-Day Trip Across Asia

Photo Courtesy - The White House(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama will embark on a 10-day trip to Asia this weekend, including visits to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.  It is the longest foreign trip the president has ever taken.

Obama will kick off his trip in Mumbai, India's financial capital, as a special recognition that India's growing middle class is a ripe market for U.S. exports.  In fact, trade is what the White House describes as the cornerstone of the entire trip.

While in India, the president will stay at the Taj Mahal hotel.  He'll then continue his trip, visiting Jakarta, Indonesia, where he lived as a child, and attending the G20 summit in South Korea and APEC summit in Japan.

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