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George Pataki Passes on 2012 Presidential Race

Peter Foley-Pool/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- After months of speculation -- and a week when rumors swirled that former New York Gov. George Pataki might enter the presidential race -- it turns out he's decided against a bid.

On Friday, Pataki issued a statement through a spokesman saying that he would continue to lead an organization he founded earlier this year devoted to solving the nation's debt crisis but would not be a candidate for president in 2012.

"I remain committed to the advancement of real, politically viable reforms to entitlements and rolling back the size and cost of the federal government. At this time, I will continue to do this as the leader of No American Debt and not as a candidate for president," Pataki said. "Throughout the coming months I will remain active in this important discussion and support the candidate who offers the vision, the ideas and the leadership to bring an end to America's debt crisis.“

Pataki was expected to speak in Iowa on Saturday at a Polk County Republican Party picnic, but has bowed out of that event. Organizers of the gathering that presidential candidates Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Thad McCotter plan to attend, heard from Pataki sources earlier this week that the former New York governor was seriously thinking about using the venue as the place to jump into the race.

Pataki even has a "George Pataki for President" website built and ready to be deployed. The site, which reporters discovered this week, was quickly taken down.

In his statement on Friday, Pataki saved some fighting words for President Obama.

"President Obama and his misguided policies are bankrupting America, stealing from our children's future and he must be defeated next November," he said. "It is incumbent on our party to come forward with serious solutions to preserve our future and ensure America's continued greatness."

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Former NY Gov. George Pataki Mulling White House Run?

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Can the sweepstakes for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination stand yet another entrant?

The latest name to be bandied about is somewhat of a surprise: former New York Gov. George Pataki, who ran the state from 1995 through 2006.

A spokesman for Pataki maintains the former governor is "deeply disappointed by the failure of leadership by President Obama on the debt issue and in the lack of serious solutions being offered by the current Republican field."

It's believed that Pataki is seriously considering running for the Republican nod although there are numerous factors working against him.

For one, he has little name recognition outside of New York and would be immediately eclipsed if the more popular former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani throws his hat in the ring.

Even more problematic is that Pataki is too far to the left for conservatives’ tastes since he supports abortion and gay rights.  Pataki's third term as governor would also be brought up since he greatly increased spending compared to his first eight years in office.

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Former Gov. George Pataki 'Looking At' Run for President

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Sarah Palin isn’t the only former governor and former mayor who’s mulling a run for president in 2012.

Former governor George Pataki of New York told ABC News on Monday that he’ll run for president if other Republican candidates don’t offer the right kind of leadership.

“When you look back at the past two years, it's been very disappointing, not only -- not just for Republicans, but for the American people,” Pataki told us. “And I think it shows the importance of experienced leadership -- leaders who have shown the ability to govern and to move forward in a nonpartisan way, leaders who have been tested and shown their ability to get through those tests.”

“What I'm going to be looking at is, do we have the right people out there who have that experience, who have experienced leadership, who have been challenged and who can bring people together -- not just Republicans and conservatives, but conservatives [and] Democrats. And make a decision on who else is out there, and whether or not they have those characteristics we need to be able to win this election and govern successfully.”

Pataki, like Palin, was a mayor before he was governor.

“It was a challenging job, mayor of Peekskill, let me assure you. Twice the size of Wasilla,” Pataki said.

Pataki said he would support Palin should she become the Republican nominee for president.

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