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As Gloria Cain Comes to Her Husband's Defense, the 'Cain Train' Slows Slightly

Steve Pope/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Amid sexual harassment allegations and the constant media coverage of the public disclosures by his accusers and a series of seemingly conflicting responses, Herman Cain has so far managed to withstand major political fallout from the scandal plaguing his campaign.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer for one of the accusers, plans to hold a press conference in Louisiana Monday afternoon with the former boyfriend of Sharon Bialek, who recently came forward with her story about Cain’s misconduct.

Although Cain remains extremely popular with conservative voters, some polls show voter discontent is beginning to sink in.

The New York Times’ Nate Silver noted ahead of this weekend’s debate in South Carolina that Cain’s numbers were “moving down slightly,” and a new Politico-George Washington University Battleground poll released today shows a similar slip.  

No, it’s not devastating for Cain, but some say these numbers could be early indicators of erosion in support for the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO who has been running an unorthodox campaign.

And now Cain has enlisted an important surrogate in his campaign’s ongoing damage control effort: his elusive wife Gloria Cain, who until this week has not been heard from before.

“You hear the graphic allegations and we know that would have been something that’s totally disrespectful of her as a woman,” Gloria Cain told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in an interview that will air in its entirety Monday night. “And I know the type of person he is. He totally respects women.”

After listening to the barrage of accusations about her husband, Mrs. Cain told Van Susteren, “I’m thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said.”

Meanwhile, Cain’s travel schedule is beginning to more closely resemble that of a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. On Tuesday, he returns to Iowa for the first time since Tuesday and he will be there again on Saturday for a multi-candidate forum. In between he’s holding events and fundraisers in Florida.

But his campaign’s presence in some of these early states, including South Carolina, the site of Saturday night’s foreign policy-focused debate, has hardly been felt. One top Republican official in South Carolina told ABC News that Cain’s ground game effort there is virtually non-existent.

That being said, Cain is still polling strong, ranking a close second to Mitt Romney according to most nationwide polls.

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