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GOP Weekly Address: Va. Gov. McDonnell Wants Gov't. to Consider the States

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(RICHMOND, Va.) -- Virginia governor, Bob McDonnell, is calling for Washington to be more fiscally responsible while considering state budgets in this week's Republican Address.

"Here in the states, we have to balance our budgets.  We can't print money, and we have strict debt limits, so we have to live within our means," he says.  "We manage our state budgets like you run your family and business budgets.  That means making tough choices."

McDonnell cites Virginia's former $6 billion deficit upon his entry to office last year and notes how the state's "shortfall" was turned into a "surplus" by not raising taxes and a reduction in state spending. 

McDonnell says that Republican governors across the country, "from Madison to Austin and Tallahassee to Albuquerque," are acting "fiscally responsible," but that "unrealistic" and "irresponsible" policies from Washington, D.C are undercutting these efforts.  He adds that the health care bill passed one year ago this week is "chief" among those undercutting policies.

"Unlike states, families and businesses, the federal government doesn't have to balance its budget.  And that unfortunate reality leads to policies like the federal health care bill that push expensive, unfunded and unsustainable programs onto the rest of us," the Virginia governor says in the weekly address.  "Washington passes the law, and then expects us to balance the books."

McDonnell says that the passage of the health care bill by "partisan vote" now seems to be more about "expanding control by the federal government than actually reforming our health care system."

In this week's address, McDonnell also points to entitlement programs and "rigid" requirements causing higher state costs, less innovation and freedom and the inability to manage state programs.  In Virginia, the governor says, Medicaid's staggering growth will force the state to spend $2 billion more between 2014 and 2022. 

"The more spending required for Medicaid entitlements, the less money available for roads, schools, law enforcement and higher education," he insists.

McDonnell asked that the Administration join in the Republican governors' efforts to come up with "creative solutions of the free market" that "beat one-size fits all plans of big government."

"Here in your state capitals, Republican governors are leading the effort to cut government spending, keep taxes low, help the private sector create jobs, provide access to affordable health care and get our economy back on track by making our states more competitive."

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