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Rick Perry's Haircut Tab: $25

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(PICKENS, S.C.) -- There aren’t any $400 haircuts for Texas Governor Rick Perry, who some in Texas have dubbed with the nickname “Governor Goodhair.”  

“Twenty five dollars,” Perry told reporters when asked how much the cost of a haircut runs him. “Twenty five dollars, good hair cutter.”

As he peeked into Gravely’s Barber Shop on Main Street in Pickens, S.C., Perry marveled at an antique plaque listing prices for an old fashioned haircut -- 40 cents -- and told reporters he remembers getting a buzz cut for a mere dollar.

“I could remember getting a haircut for a dollar. Of course a buzz cut that didn’t take long,” said the former Air Force pilot.

During the 2008 election, presidential candidate John Edwards drew heat when an FEC report revealed he spent $400 on haircuts. Not helping matters was video footage of Edwards, brush in one hand, mirror in the other, obssessing over his locks before a TV interview.

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The Bachmann -- A Hairdo in the Making?

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has made headlines in the media for lots of reasons -- her victory in the Iowa straw poll, her joke that Hurricane Irene was God’s warning to Washington about federal spending, to name a few -- but now it’s her hairstyle that’s causing a buzz.

The Cristophe Salon in downtown Washington, D.C. -- made famous for cutting the Clintons’ hair when they were in the White House -- says some of  its customers are requesting the Bachmann ‘do.

“People come in with pictures of haircuts they want.  Sometimes ripped out of magazines but now, with the new generation, on iPhones and iPads.  And yes, we see her popping up quite a bit,” Philippe Depeyrot, the East Coast artistic director for the Cristophe Salons, told ABC News.

“Her cut is long, but not too long.  A fair amount of layers, but not overwhelming,” Depeyrot noted.  “It’s not hard to reproduce after you leave the shop and are styling it at home.  It is something you can dress up or dress down, for both worlds, the professional world and the weekend.”

It’s not just in the nation’s capital that women want the Bachmann look.  Stylists in New York and Los Angeles told the New York Daily News that more and more people are asking them for it, too.  Angelo David, who has a salon on East 43rd Street in Manhattan, told the paper that he’s seen a spike in customers requesting the Bachmann look, a cut and style that he estimated to cost around $150 to $300.

However, that pales in comparison to what Bachmann spent on hair and makeup in the weeks after she launched her campaign: a whopping $4,700, according to her campaign finance filings.  The Minnesota Congresswoman’s stylist Tamara Robertson told the Daily News that she was “told not to talk about it.”

Overall, it is hard to tell if Bachmann’s hairstyle is really in demand.  Six salons in various locations around the country, including Stillwater, Minnesota, said they could not remember being asked by customers for the look.

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