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Obama Visits Chicago Campaign Headquarters Before Fundraising

Kevin Lamarque-Pool/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- President Obama made a surprise visit to his re-election headquarters in Chicago Wednesday afternoon before an evening of fundraisers expected to net at least $1.8 million for Democrats and his campaign.

“The people who are working in Chicago and have been for the better part of the last year have been focused on his re-election, have ensured that he’s had time to focus on his duties as president of the United States. So this will be an opportunity for him to swing by the office, to say hello to the staff that’s been hard at work there and to thank them for their efforts,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Air Force One ahead of the stop.

While the press was not allowed into headquarters, the president reportedly spoke briefly to a few hundred members of his staff, reminiscing about his first trip to Chicago as a young man and the early days of his campaign for the state Senate. He then shook “many, many hands,” Earnest said.

This was Obama’s first visit to the sprawling 50,000-square-foot office space at One Prudential Plaza, a skyscraper overlooking Millenium Park, a campaign aide confirmed.  (ABC News recently got an inside look at the operation, which you can learn more about HERE.)

Obama will spend the remainder of Wednesday evening mingling with supporters and donors at three Windy City events, all raising money for the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account to benefit Obama and the Democratic National Committee for 2012.

The president will rally a crowd of more than 500 younger supporters at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where R&B singer Janelle Monae and CSI: NY star Hill Harper are featured guests. Tickets started at $44 for Gen 44 members and go up to $100 general admission, a Democratic official said.

He then heads to a glitzy reception at the private residence of media mogul Fred Eychaner, where at least 60 guests will have paid $35,800 per couple for a chance to see the president, the official said.

Eychaner is one of Obama’s “bundlers,” collecting between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama and Democrats for 2012, according to campaign finance records.

Obama will conclude the evening with a $7,500-and-up-per-person reception at the home of former Bear Stearns executive Stuart Taylor. More than 100 are expected to attend.

By law, the first $5,000 of an individual’s contribution to the Obama Victory Fund goes directly to Obama’s campaign, while the rest, up to $30,800, to the DNC.

Obama’s last visit to Chicago was on Aug. 3 for a fundraiser and a 50th-birthday bash.

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Gingrich Cancels NH Headquarters Campaign Stop Due to Security Issues

AFP/Getty Images(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- The night before the New Hampshire primary, the Newt Gingrich campaign said it canceled a scheduled campaign stop at his Manchester headquarters Monday evening because of security issues.

The small storefront office in the downtown area of the city was surrounded by protesters from the Occupy movement and Ron Paul supporters.

A member of the Occupy protest who carried a megaphone and called himself Vermin Supreme played the “Chicken Dance” song on his loudspeaker and said he was a candidate for president as others members holding Occupy Wall Street signs cheered him on.

The Paul supporters were carrying signs and blasting over a loud speaker the Frank Sinatra song “New York, New York,” replaced with “Ron Paul” lyrics, such as: “I’ll make a brand new start of it, with Ron Paul, Ron Paul.”

There was also a large, lighted projection against the building across the street from the Gingrich headquarters that flashed “Ron Paul 2012” in neon green.

After online chatter began of Gingrich’s absence, Paul supporters tweeted that Gingrich believed Paul supporters were a security threat.

“The good voting public of N.H. is not a threat to Newt Gingrich,” spokesman R.C. Hammond told ABC News.

The Gingrich campaign declined to comment on exactly what the security issue was, only saying that the security team surveyed the scene.

The campaign encouraged volunteers at the headquarters to attend the candidate’s last event of the evening in Concord at the The Draft bar, where Gingrich was planned to eat and watch the BCS College Football National Championship game.

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Obama Re-Election Headquarters Moving to Windy City?

Photo Courtesy - Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- While aides say the decision is not yet set in stone, it appears likely that President Obama's re-election campaign headquarters for the 2012 presidential race will move to his hometown of Chicago.

Locating headquarters 700 miles away from the White House would break precedent with presidential re-election campaigns of the past.  All modern presidents who have sought a second term have based their operations in, or at least near, the nation's capital.

But the Windy City holds special meaning for Obama, who famously opted to run his 2008 presidential campaign from there.  The move was seen as an effort to cast the then-U.S. senator as a Washington outsider, distinct from the inside-the-Beltway-types whom he railed against during the campaign.

Aides who support the move seem to be banking on the idea that the symbolism of another Obama campaign run from outside Washington could re-awaken the energy of his supporters, which has waned over the two years of his presidency.

The president has conceded that since he became commander in chief he has perhaps not communicated as clearly with Americans as he would have liked, and he has vowed to get out of Washington more in the coming year.

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