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Governor vs. Attorney General In Health Care Royal Rumble

Photos Courtesy - governor(dot)wa(dot)gov atg(dot)wa(dot)gov(OLYMPIA, Wash.) -- So what do you do if you are the governor of a state and you support the Obama administration's health care law, but the attorney general of your state is fighting it like cats and dogs in federal court?

Ask Washington State. Late Monday night Gov. Chris Gregoire aired her state's dirty laundry in a federal court filing, arguing that Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna is pursuing a lawsuit that will be “extremely disruptive” to the state government.

Gregoire, a Democrat, supports the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while McKenna, a Republican, has joined other states seeking to have the law overturned. McKenna prevailed in federal court in January when one federal judge, Roger Vinson, struck down the health care law. Vinson is currently considering whether to rule that the provisions of the law that are now in effect must be immediately halted.

In a legal brief filed with Judge Vinson, Gov. Gregoire says that she, not McKenna, is in charge of the administration of state government. Gregoire argues that her state would be “severely harmed” if the federal government was forced to immediately stop implementing provisions of ACA that are currently in effect. Attorney General McKenna “does not represent the governor or other state officials," Gregoire argues.

McKenna is reportedly considering a run for governor in 2012.

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