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Cheney Fires Back at Past Obama Criticism of Interrogation Techniques

ABC/Heidi Gutman(WASHINGTON) -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney is hitting back at the Obama administration for past criticism of Bush administration tactics during the war on terror.  

Cheney said the Obama administration’s actions have been equally as aggressive, noting that the drone strike that killed al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki had “executed in effect an American citizen with a predator, with a drone strike.”

Cheney made his comments during an interview session with his daughter Liz as part of the Washington Ideas Forum being hosted by the Newseum in Washington, D.C.    

In an interview last week, the former vice president said he had asked for the Obama administration to apologize for past criticisms of its handling of the war on terror, particularly enhanced interrogation techniques. On Thursday, he said, the Obama administration might want to reconsider its criticism based on how aggressive it has been in fighting terrorists.

Cheney used Obama’s 2009 speech to the Muslim world in Cairo as his point of reference.

Said Cheney, “When he went to Cairo, he did announce that we’d sort of overreacted to 9/11, that we’d walked away from our ideals, that he, President Obama, had been the one who’d brought an end to torture and ordered that there not be any torture -- implying that we were torturing, and we weren’t.”

Cheney said he has no regrets about his time as vice president, saying, “On balance, I think we got it right....With respect to what we needed to keep the country safe, as I say, from my perspective, it worked.”

Cheney has not endorsed any Republican presidential candidate yet.

“I’ve stayed very carefully away from the contest,” he said. “They don’t need my advice.”   

He understands why the economy is the dominant political issue and “at this point, that’s what everybody’s focused on.”  But he added, he’s “very concerned that we not lose sight of how important it is that we maintain our vigilance in the global war on terror.”

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