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GOP Address: Gov. Dalrymple Says US Needs 'Common Sense' Governing

Governor's Office, North Dakota(BISMARK, N.D.) -- North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple says in this week's Republican address that the reasons his state is doing comparatively better than others and  has the lowest unemployment rate of all the states at 3.2 percent is because "we run government with common sense."

Dalrymple continues, "We don't spend more money than we collect in revenue each year. We don't have General Obligation debt, and we only borrow when we have identified a revenue source to pay it back"
Gov. Dalrymple says that if the Federal budget were managed with the same prudence as that of North Dakota, this country could be making wiser investments in infrastructure and job growth.  But, he says in the address, President Obama has failed to reduce government spending, and it seems as though Congress has played "budgeting games" instead of making progress at balancing the annual budget. But getting the government to get its fiscal house in order is just half the battle, Dalrymple claims.
"The other part is focusing on creating good paying jobs," he says.

The governor goes on to tout the fiscal successes of North Dakota, "where taxes and insurance are low, the regulatory environment is very reasonable, and we have the most responsive state government anywhere. Companies want to expand in North Dakota because of the ease of doing business and because of our well educated, well trained workforce."
As for why the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, Dalrymple gives two reasons.
"First, the Federal government is unnecessarily adding to the cost of living and the cost of doing business in America. Just one example is our cost of energy. The price of gasoline is rising rapidly because we continue to depend on foreign oil. It is now within our reach to become energy independent in North America if we simply develop the resources we already have available in places like the Gulf of Mexico, non-sensitive public lands across America, and in our friendly bordering countries," he says.
The second reason, Dalrymple says, is that "the Federal government is killing energy development with overly burdensome regulations. The best example of this is the Keystone XL pipeline which the Obama Administration will not allow to be built."  Just this week, the Senate narrowly defeated an amendment to a transportation bill that would have included approval for the Keystone pipeline. But Dalrymple says approving the project is the "common sense thing to do."

“America needs to return to a government based on common sense. Three Presidential candidates have visited North Dakota, and I have told them all the same thing: Build America back on the same blueprint that North Dakota has adopted and our country will surely be rewarded with the same great economy our state is enjoying," he says.

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