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Sen. Tom Coburn: I’m Willing to Accept Tax Increases

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week” that he is willing to accept tax rate increases as a component of a fiscal cliff deal, as long as Democrats put “significant entitlement reform” on the table.

“What we ought to be working on is the other 93 percent, because even if you do what [Obama] wants to do on tax rates, you only affect 7 percent of the deficit,” Coburn said. “What we have done is spend ourselves into a hole, and we’re not going to raise taxes and borrow money and get out of it.”

“And so will I accept a tax increase as a part of a deal to actually solve our problems?  Yes,” he said.

But his Republican colleague in the House, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), disagreed.

He said that Republicans shouldn’t vote for a tax increase that they believe will harm the economy.

“No Republican wants to vote for a rate tax increase,” Hensarling said. “I mean, what that is going to do, according to the National Federation of Independent Business that commissioned a study by Ernst & Young, is cost 700,000 Americans to go from having paychecks to unemployment checks.”

Hensarling said that President Obama pulled a “bait and switch” on Congressional Republicans by adding a demand for tax rate increases after the election. In 2011 Obama had suggested that $1.2 trillion could be raised by closing loopholes and pursuing tax reform alone, without raising rates.

“The president, again … if he would do what he said before the election, as opposed to the bait-and-switch, what Republicans feel like is a little bit like Charlie Brown running to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away,” Hensarling said.

He added that Obama’s proposal to eliminate future Congressional votes to authorize an increase in the debt ceiling was “surprising.”

“I must admit, I didn’t know the president could surprise me once again, but to say that he no longer wants to have a debt ceiling — in other words, we no longer need even a speed bump on the — on the highway to bankruptcy — I mean, let’s look at Greece,” Hensarling said. “Greece has been very adept at increasing their debt ceiling.  And now they have 25 percent unemployment, 50 percent youth unemployment.”

Democrats on the panel, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) maintained that entitlement reform should be addressed only after tax cuts are extended for middle class families.

“Right now, the only thing I hear, the only thing we see is middle-class families being asked over and over again to be the ones who have the burden in solving this problem,” Stabenow said. “And we’re saying no.”

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GOP Address: Rep. Jeb Hensarling Says Obama Has Failed on Promises

Hensarling [dot] House [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- On the heels of the president State of the Union address, Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling says the economy has only worsened since President Obama took office.  In this week's Republican address, Hensarling reviews some of the president's past promises.

"As [President Obama] prepares for his State of the Union address, it’s worth reviewing the previous messages he’s delivered to a nation eager to create jobs," Rep. Hensarling says. In 2009, we were told that if we passed his ‘stimulus’ plan, the economy would improve. In 2010, we were told that if we passed his government takeover of health care, the economy would improve. Last year, we were told that his budget would help us ‘win the future."

Hensarling then points to ways in which he says the president has failed on his promises and the economy is now only in worse shape than before, "regardless of the president's good intentions."

“Since President Obama took office, 1.9 million fewer Americans have jobs. Gas prices have doubled. More Americans are on food stamps than ever before. The new health care law is making it harder for small businesses to hire and provide health insurance.  Our national debt now exceeds the size of our entire economy. And as the president takes to the podium to address the nation, we will be marking 1,000 days since the Democrat-controlled Senate has even bothered to pass a budget."

Rep. Hensarling further condemns the president's decision to pass on the Keystone pipeline project.  He says that despite the project's support by a "diverse coalition, from unions and small businesses to lawmakers in both parties," President Obama, "rejected the project and buried 20,000 shovel ready jobs."

Now, Hensarling says in the address, "Republicans will continue fighting to bring these Keystone jobs to the United States."

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Super Committee Dems: Co-Chair Hensarling’s Comments Unhelpful

Hensarling [dot] House [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- During an appearance on CNBC Tuesday night, the Republican co-chair of the Super Committee, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, drew a line in the proverbial Super Committee sand, saying Republicans have “gone as far as we feel we can go” in agreeing to new tax revenues.

“Any penny of increased static revenue is a step in the wrong direction,” Hensarling, R-TX., said.  “We can only balance that with pro-growth reforms, and, frankly, the Democrats have never agreed [to] that, so I don’t know how many times I can tell you that that agreement is not going to happen.”

Hensarling said that Republicans have agreed to $250 billion in tax increases over the next decade, but that’s about as far as Republicans will go even with Democratic insistence to go further.

Democratic members of the Super Committee huddled on Wednesday for more than two hours, and after emerging from the closed-door meeting said drawing lines in the sand as Hensarling did last night -- at least in public -- is not helpful, especially now when they are within the one-week deadline to reach an agreement.

“I think when people go public and say what they’re willing or not willing to do, it isn’t as helpful as sitting at a table and trying to work through these things,” Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said.  “I’m not going to negotiate in public; I am not going to get into the back and forth.  I don’t think it’s helpful.  I think what we need to do is sit down with each other and make choices.”

Co-chair of the committee, Sen. Patty Murray., D-Wash., said that she heard Hensarling’s comments on CNBC as well.

“I hope that they have not walked away,” Murray said of Hensarling’s insistence that Republicans will not go any further.  “We are working very hard to find a place that we can move forward on and we’re going to continue to do that.”

As the Democratic members of the Super Committee met Wednesday, so did the Republican members of the committee on the House side of the Capitol.

Republican members say they are waiting for a new Democratic offer.  Democratic members saying they are waiting for a new Republican offer.

Aides continue to stress that there are small meetings taking place all day, yet no full meeting of the Super Committee has been scheduled, as they all continue to negotiate a deal behind-closed-doors.

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Super Committee Co-Chairs in 'Serious Discussions' over Group's Operation

Architect of the Capitol(WASHINGTON) -- The co-chairs of the super committee formed to reduce the federal debt issued a joint statement Wednesday saying that they have been in “serious discussions” on the rules of the Joint Committee’s operation, including setting up formal meeting times and that committee members are busy reviewing the deficit reduction work that others have worked on over the past years.
The co-chairs, Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Representative Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, say that during the August recess they have been “working together” to ensure that the committee has “every opportunity to succeed.”
“In our capacity as co-chairmen, we are engaging in serious discussions to determine what set of rules will govern the committee’s operation, examining a schedule of potential meetings and exploring how to build a committee staff that will help us achieve success,” the co-chairs write in a paper statement. “Additionally, most of the committee members are reviewing the deficit reduction work that many others have engaged in over the past several years.”
The co-chairs say they are “eager to engage one another as we begin our work,” although no formal meetings with the 12-member bipartisan super committee have been scheduled yet. Likely, the super committee will meet for the first time when the House and Senate is back in session after the Labor Day holiday, during the first week in September.
“We encourage our colleagues to participate in active and useful dialogue across the aisle and among our respective caucuses as we continue to work through this process.”
The committee has until Thanksgiving to come to an agreement on a plan to achieve a $1.5 trillion cut to the deficit over the next decade. If they do not, the trigger options, negotiated during the debt ceiling deal would take effect.

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Michele Bachmann Drops Out of Race for GOP Conference Chair

Photo Courtesy - Bachmann dot House dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, has dropped out of the race for GOP Conference Chair, paving the way for Rep. Jeb Hensarling to become the fourth-ranking Republican in the GOP House leadership.

On Tuesday, Bachmann told ABC News that the showdown was an uphill climb, but she was working hard to prove to her colleagues that she would be the best candidate to represent the sentiments that propelled the GOP into the majority in last week’s congressional midterm elections.

However, just a day later, Bachmann has stopped the climb. “Jeb Hensarling has my enthusiastic support for his candidacy to become Republican House Conference Chair," Bachmann announced in a statement Wednesday evening. "Jeb has demonstrated his commitment to limited government, reduced spending and lower taxes and he will be a strong voice for the Tea Party’s call for these values."

Bachmann said she looked forward to continuing her support of the Tea Party during the next session of Congress. "I plan to advance the Tea Party ideals through their listening arm, the Tea Party Caucus," Bachmann said. "It is my wish to bring new faces to the caucus, including freshmen members."

“The new Congress will have great opportunities to lead our country into the direction our founders intended. I spoke with Mr. Boehner and other members of leadership and I am convinced they will wholeheartedly work towards the issues the American people are calling for such as fiscal responsibility, ending the bailouts and repealing Obamacare," Bachmann added.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, who is now unopposed for the post, praised Bachmann in a statement Wednesday evening for her contributions to the GOP. “Michele Bachmann is a committed movement conservative whose effective voice played an important role in America’s decision to trust House Republicans once again," Hensarling said. "She is a dear friend, and I am humbled to earn her support. I look forward to her energetic leadership in a united House Republican Conference during the 112th Congress."

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