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Rep. Joe Crowley Gives 'Speechless' Speech on House Floor

Crowley [dot] House [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- If you ever wished everyone in Congress would just shut up, Rep. Joe Crowley, D-NY, is the Congressman for you.

On Thursday, Crowley gave an entire floor speech without speaking at all.

Standing in front of an easel, he ripped of sheets of paper, each of which bore a few words of his angry speech, which took the GOP to task over what he claims are misplaced priorities.

Here’s a taste: “Last Fall, the American people / gave us our marching orders / Jobs Jobs Jobs / 100 Days of GOP Rule = / 0 Jobs Bills / So, If Not Jobs… / What Has the GOP Been Up To? / GOP’s #1 Priority: / Cut More than 700,000 American Jobs / GOP’s Priority #2…/ Take Away healthcare for the people… / but keep it for themselves / Surely, a jobs bill must be priority #3… /”

The non-speech goes on for about a minute, until Crowley’s final two placards:

“I’m Surprised Stunned Shocked / Speechless."

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