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Romney Surrogate Wishes Obama ‘Would Learn How to Be An American’

Darren McCollester/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- One of Mitt Romney’s top surrogates Tuesday morning said he wished President Obama “would learn how to be an American.”

In a conference call with reporters, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu criticized President Obama’s comments in Virginia on Friday when, talking about how the government builds infrastructure, the president said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

The remarks, Sununu charged, were “insulting to the hardworking entrepreneurs who really do create jobs, who create businesses, who take out a second mortgage and take the chance and hire some people and get the business going."

"These are the people who are the backbone of our economy and the president clearly demonstrated that he has absolute no idea how the American economy functions. The men and women across America who have worked hard to build their businesses from the ground up is how our economy became the envy of the world, the American way and I wish this president would learn how to be an American,” he continued.

Sununu later in the call was asked about the comment, which seemed to play into the belief by some that President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

“The president has to learn the American formula for creating business,” Sununu said, attempting to clarify.

“The Romney campaign has officially gone off the deep end,” said Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith in response to Sununu’s comments. “The question is what else they’ll pull to avoid answering serious questions about Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and investments in foreign tax havens and offshore accounts. This meltdown and over-the-top rhetoric won’t make things better- it only calls attention to how desperate they are to change the conversation.”

Sununu said this morning on Fox News Channel of the president, “He has no idea how the American system functions, and we shouldn’t be surprised about that, because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something, spent the next set of years in Indonesia, and when he came to the U.S. worked as a community organizer — which is a socialized structure — and then got into politics in Chicago. There has been no experience in his life in which he’s earned a private-sector paycheck that meant anything.”

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Romney Surrogate Accuses Obama Campaign of ‘Cherry Picking’ Bain Record

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Mitt Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu said Tuesday that he believes the Obama administration is “cherry picking” Bain’s record, offering a “distortion” to the American people by focusing only on the private equity firm’s failures in an attempt to tarnish Romney’s business record.

“I think the Bain record as a whole is fair game,” said Sununu on a conference call with reporters ahead of Vice President Biden’s campaign event in New Hampshire on Tuesday. “What you have to do is an honest evaluation.”

Sununu, citing figures from Bain’s own statement about its record, said that 80 percent of Bain’s investments were successes, and 20 percent were not, noting that that’s a “good batting average in the private equity business.”

“So if you want to go and talk about Bain as a whole that is fair,” said Sununu. “If you want to talk about Bain on a cherry picking basis, that’s a distortion.”

“You know, the free enterprise system is the American way of life, and when you attack free enterprise, you’re attacking the American way of life,” said Sununu. “The very things that the Obama administration would like to have happen, private equity invest to create jobs, they are now going out and attacking. It doesn’t make sense, but I continue to watch them do this.”

Sununu’s remarks come after two separate Obama campaign ads that focus on companies that went under after Bain invested in them: Ampad, a paper company, and GST Steel, a Kansas-based Steel company. Since the latest ad focusing on Ampad was released, several Democrats have come out against the attacks. On Meet the Press on Sunday, Newark Mayor Cory Booker called the attacks “nauseating,” and last week Former Obama administration economic adviser Steven Rattner called the attacks on GST “unfair.”

“This is an attack that is in fact embarrassing, nauseating, and disappointing Democrats,” said Sununu, drawing on the Democrats’ remarks. “You had Democrats like former Congressman Ford, Mayor Cory Booker, former Gov. Rendell, Steve Rattner, who was the Obama auto czar, all of these folks who understand as Democrats the importance of private sector equity investments to create jobs are embarrassed as they said, nauseated, as they said, and disappointed, as they said, in these attacks by President Obama.”

“So if he’s going to, as he said the other day, if the campaign is going to be his discussions about Bain and his cherry-picking of the investments Bain made that didn’t work out, then the American public will join Booker, Ford, Rendell, and Rattner in being embarrassed, nauseated, and disappointed at this presidency,” Sununu said.

Lis Smith, a spokeswoman for the president’s reelection campaign, said in a statement, “Mitt Romney’s partners, employees, and top supporters have all been clear: his tenure at Bain Capital was about creating wealth for himself and his investors, not creating jobs. Those are the very same economic values he’d bring to the presidency. America can’t afford ‘Romney economics.’”

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Former NH Gov. John Sununu to Endorse Mitt Romney

Ethan Miller/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu will endorse Mitt Romney, ABC News has learned.

Sununu, who also served as the White House Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, will be on hand when Romney turns in his candidacy papers on Monday in Concord, N.H. Romney is also scheduled to hold a rally on site.

The campaign says Sununu will serve as chairman of the campaign’s national steering committee.

In an exclusive interview with New Hampshire’s Union Leader, which was first to break the news of the endorsement, Gov. Sununu said that he had been torn between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Romney.

Sununu told the paper that it was Romney’s foreign policy speech in Charleston, S.C., that solidified his decision.

“That showed me that he understands that the principal role of the President of the United States is the security of the country and participating in trying to stabilize the world,” Sununu said.

“I am deeply appreciative of Governor Sununu’s friendship and support,” said Romney in a statement. “Governor Sununu is one of the most respected public servants in New Hampshire and he has stood for the values that are important to Granite Staters: hard work, individualism, and fiscal responsibility. His advice and counsel will be important as I work to earn support from voters in the Granite State and work to fix our troubled economy.”

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