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Sarah Palin's Former Ally Asks Her Not to Run in 2012

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Another former Sarah Palin ally is saying she's not equipped to win in 2012.

Filmmaker and radio host John Ziegler all but begged her not to run for president in a piece posted on The Daily Caller on Monday. Though Ziegler defended her after the 2008 election with a documentary, multiple interviews and appearances (he memorably organized a protest against David Letterman after the comic made fun of Palin's daughter). Personal slights and a loss of faith in her ability to organize have made him believe that Palin will cause chaos for conservatives if she runs.

"Quite simply, the evidence is overwhelming that Palin would get crushed by Obama in such a resounding fashion that it may even threaten the Republican hold on the House and the party's presumed taking of the Senate," he wrote in a more-than-six-thousand-word-long post. "If Sarah Palin still is the person I thought I knew, then she will do what is best for her cause and country by sitting this one out."

He added that whatever Palin's "higher purpose might be, it certainly won't involve beating Barack Obama in 2012. I still hope it also doesn't include ensuring his re-election."

But Ziegler is almost certain Palin will run. A "random call" from Todd Palin last month regarding a potential campaign "removed most of the remaining doubt" Ziegler had about her intentions.

Ziegler plans to share more "explosive revelations" about Palin through his website. His disclosures come on the heels of former staffer Frank Bailey's book Blind Allegiance, in which he claims that Palin was ready to quit as governor of Alaska months before she resigned and was actively searching for more lucrative opportunities while in office.

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