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GOP Address: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson Challenges Obama Energy Policy

United States Congress(WASHINGTON) -- This week, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson delivers the Republican address, and she wants the president to send a message -- a call to action -- to Democratic leadership in the Senate.

For months, Bailey Hutchinson says, Senate Democrats have "bottled up" bills she claims have been "endorsed in concept" by President Obama that would make expansion and hiring easier for U.S. companies.

Sen. Bailey Hutchinson says the way to take employment "from a monthly trickle of jobs to a tidal wave of growth" is by removing obstacles faced by small businesses.  There are four bills waiting for the consideration of Senate Democrats that would do just that, according to Bailey Hutchinson.

The senator also took issue with the soaring price of fuel seen by Americans -- a problem that Bailey Hutchinson says is only getting worse.

"Last February, the average cost of a gallon of unleaded was $3.17 per gallon -- the highest February price ever.  But this February's average is $3.57 per gallon -- and all forecasts are for prices to rocket above $4.00 per gallon during the summer driving season.  Families and businesses will be devasted," Bailey Hutchinson says.

"We can't slow down global demand for oil and gas, but we can do a lot more here at home to assure that we have the energy we need to halt skyrocketing costs," she says before condemning President Obama's energy policies.  

Bailey Hutchinson says that under President Obama, "Offshore drilling permits are being issued at less than half the rate of the previous administration," which she says will lead to rising fuel prices and less oil industry jobs for Americans.

At the open of the address, Bailey Hutchinson makes note of a statement by President Obama, where he said to Congress: "Don't stop here, keep going."  The president was speaking at an event to highlight the passage of the payroll tax cut extension bill.

Before closing the address, Sen. Bailey Hutchinson responds to the president, saying, "[Republicans'] message to the President is: We can keep going. Thirteen million unemployed Americans can't wait until after this year's election …"

"We ask the President to help get a bipartisan jobs bill through the Democrat-controlled Senate and for an energy policy that puts American workers and families first."

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GOP Address: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Calls for More US Energy Policies

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican address, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas calls not just for more domestic energy production, but for policies that will encourage exploration and development too.

Speaking to the current instability in the oil industry, Bailey Hutchison says it is "bureaucratic red tape" that is restricting U.S. energy exploration.  A moratorium, which she says "sidelined" American energy producers was lifted in October 2010, but since then, the permit approval process has been slow.  Bailey Hutchison says that before the moratorium,  eight permits on average were approved each month.  Since October, only 14 permits have been approved for the energy-rich Gulf of Mexico.

Additionally, Bailey Hutchison says the yearlong moratorium forced oil companies to "sit idle" and continue to pay the lease on lands they could not use while "losing valuable exploration time."  The Texas senator has introduced a measure that would aid companies impacted by the moratorium.

"Earlier this year, I introduced the LEASE Act, a bill to restore time lost to all leaseholders who were impacted by the moratorium," Bailey Hutchison said in the Republican address. "It's a simple and fair way we can bring these energy producers the equity they deserve."

Sen. Bailey Hutchison calls for President Obama to stop talking "about producing energy in America" and "cut the bureaucratic red tape."  

"Our country needs a long-term policy that provides energy from our own ample natural resources."

Bailey Hutchison later concludes, "A comprehensive energy policy can't be drive by gas prices or polling numbers.  It requires a steady approach that will result in a stable supply of energy.  We have an abundance of oil and natural gas -- now we need to access it."

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Libya: Senate Republicans Divided on US Involvement 

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Competing groups of Republican senators have introduced resolutions aiming either to boost or curtail the U.S. role in Libya, a sign of how divided Congress is on the military operations there.

One motion, introduced by Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the powerful top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, would authorize U.S. forces to operate inside Libya in an effort to keep the situation there from deteriorating into a stalemate between strongman Moammar Gadhafi and the rebels.

"Rather than playing a support role within NATO, America should be leading," McCain said at an Armed Services panel hearing April 7. "Our military should be actively engaged in degrading Gadhafi's forces in the field, which could significantly increase the pressure on his regime and the odds that it will crack."

But fellow GOP Sens. John Ensign of Nevada and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas disagree. Indeed, they argue, the United States has no vital interest in Libya.

They have introduced a resolution to declare that there is no vital U.S. interest in Libya, that Congress has not authorized military power in the region and that NATO and Arab nations that do have a vital interest in the region should increase their military and financial contributions to the effort in Libya.

Ensign said, "I believe that the Senate needs to pass this resolution declaring that our country has no vital interest in Libya so that we can get our servicemen and women out of there once and for all."

The Obama administration is likely to disagree with both measures.

The administration, reluctant to get involved in the conflict in the first place, has stressed it would only do so with international backing. McCain's resolution authorizing the use of ground forces could be at odds with the United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force to protect civilians and enforce a no-fly zone in Libya, which specifically prohibits an occupying force in the country.

And the administration has argued that Libya is of strategic interest to the United States. Privately, administration officials worry that if Gadhafi were to win out against the rebels, it would cast a chill on the so-called Arab Spring movement that has toppled dictators throughout the Middle East.

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