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GOP Address: Washington Is the 'Problem,' Not the 'Solution'

Tom Williams/Roll Call(WASHINGTON) -- Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California says when it comes to job creation and turning the U.S. economy around, "Washington is not the solution -- Washington is the problem."

In this week's Republican address, McCarthy joins his party cohorts in supporting the GOP-hatched Balanced Budget Amendment, pointing to past support for the measure.  

"This proposal has had strong bipartisan support in the past, and I'm hopeful we can again work together to pass this Amendment when it come to the House floor in November," he says.

McCarthy continues, "Until then, we are actively engaged in pursuing concrete ideas to jumpstart our economy."

The California congressman says Republicans intend to support small businesses and entrepreneurship to "rev up our economy," but that the process shouldn't be "an exercise of partisan gamesmanship or credit-claiming."

"That's why when President Obama expressed a willingness to work on job creation, we looked at our own plan and outlined specific opportunities for both parties to come together," McCarthy says in the address.

McCarthy continues by listing various areas of "common ground" in which he says Republicans considered Democrats for creating jobs.

For example, McCarthy says the newly passed free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea "are one such area of common ground" that will "open the door to thousands of new jobs and billions more in exports across the nation."

Another area McCarthy says Republicans looked at is "fixing something the IRS calls 'the three percent withholding tax.'"  McCarthy says later this month lawmakers plan to hold a vote that will ensure the federal government will not be able to automatically withhold three percent of payments to companies that have contracts with the government.

Aside from areas of common ground, McCarthy says there is more legislation that Republicans wish to pass that he says will get Americans working again.  But Democrats, he says, are holding up the process.

"All told, the House has passed more than a dozen bills as part of our plan to get Americans working again.  Unfortunately, the Democratic-led Senate has failed to vote on them, he says."

"That is unacceptable.  The president needs to get off the sidelines and get involved.  The president needs to come of the campaign trail and get to work."

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