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Ann Romney Thought Mitt’s Kardashian Line Was 'Pretty Funny'

James Devaney/WireImage(DAVENPORT, Iowa) -- Ann Romney said she was amused by her husband’s reference to reality star Kim Kardashian during a stump speech he delivered Sunday evening.

“I got a kick out of that, that was pretty funny,” Ann Romney said during an interview on Fox News’ morning program Fox & Friends. “There was a reporter that said, ‘News flash, Mitt referenced the Kardashian’s. News flash, the world has just come to an end.’”

Romney compared Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries—a union that lasted a mere 72 days—to President Obama’s campaign promises during a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

“I’ve been looking at some video clips on YouTube of President Obama, then candidate Obama going through Iowa, making promises,” said Romney. “I think the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest I’ve seen well, since the Kardashian wedding and the promise of until death do we part.”

At a rally in Davenport on Monday, Romney delivered nearly the same line, but this time omitted the Kardashian reference.

Ann Romney said that “the thing people don’t know about Mitt is that he likes to have fun.”

“He likes to make jokes, and he loves humor,” she said. “Maybe we’ll hear more from him. Maybe we’ll hear more humor.”

Asked whether Romney knew who Kim Kardashian was, Ann said “of course he did.”

“Who doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is?” she added.

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