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President Obama Surprises Press Aboard Air Force One

Pool Photo (file)(WASHINGTON) -- Though members of the press fly Air Force One on every trip the president takes, they sit in the rear of the plane, sequestered in a separate cabin and rarely see the commander in chief.

But about a half-hour into Monday’s four-hour flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Santiago, Chile, President Obama made a surprise drop by in the press cabin. And, in a ‘turn-the-tables’ moment, the surprised press corps found themselves answering Obama’s questions.

"What are you guys doing?” he asked as he appeared solo in the doorway -- no aides or handlers with him. Taken a little off guard, the press told him they were watching the Naomi Watts/Sean Penn movie Fair Game.

"Is it any good?" Obama asked. “Ask us in an hour,” was the reply from one of the press corps.

“You guys having fun?”  Obama quizzed, adding that he heard some press folks had stayed out “late late” last night and “ate too much beef” at the local Brazilian churrascaria.

But before the press could turn the tables back on Obama, he ducked right back out of the cabin, saying “See ya” as he moved out of sight. The entire encounter was less than one minute.

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Obama: Trade with Latin America Means Jobs

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama in his weekly address stressed the importance of trade with Latin America in the United States economy.

"We've always had a special bond with our neighbors to the south. It's a bond born of shared history and values and strengthened by the millions of Americans who proudly trace their roots to Latin America. What's clear is that in an increasingly global economy our partnership with these nations is only going to become more vital," he said.

The address comes as the president travels to South America. He cited Brazil, his first stop on the trip, as an example of how American exports to Latin America are a cornerstone in U.S. job creation.

"Today Brazil imports more goods from the United States than from any other nation. And I'll be meeting with business leaders from both countries to talk about how we can create even more jobs by deepening these economic ties."

Obama also reasserted that the U.S. is responding to the crisis in Libya and the emergency in Japan.

"We will work with our partners in the region to protect innocent civilians in Libya and hold the Gadhafi regime accountable. We will continue to stand with the people of Japan in their greatest hour of need."

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