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House Republican Calls Dems' Message on FAA ‘B.S.'

United States Congress(WASHINGTON) -- One key House Republican is objecting to the Obama administration’s accusation that the GOP was holding the FAA hostage during the agency’s funding impasse, dismissing the partisan charge as “bull----” just before lawmakers reached an agreement Thursday afternoon.

Rep. Steven LaTourette, a graduate of the University of Michigan, noted that lawmakers “spend a lot of time here attempting not to be impolite” … “but it’s time to not be impolite [sic] as we deal with this crisis.”

“It’s a long-standing tradition if you go to watch a football game in the Big House, when the referee makes a call that is questionable, 105,000 people go, ‘bull----,’” LaTourette cursed, coughing his way through the slur. “It is time to declare B.S. on the message that is occurring currently on the aviation bill and strip away what’s going on.”

LaTourette, the vice chair of the House Appropriations Committee's subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, claims that earlier this week, House Speaker John Boehner had dispatched him to the Senate to see if he could persuade Sen. Tom Coburn to drop his opposition to a clean-extension, but the Oklahoma senator refused and continued to push his amendment on Essential Air Services (EAS), which was included in the House-passed bill.

Coburn’s amendment would prevent taxpayers from subsidizing airfare beyond $1000 per passenger, and 90 miles from a major airport hub – essentially cutting off subsidies for 13 rural airports. Although Reid said he could agree to the House bill that contains the Coburn language, Sen. Jay Rockefeller objected – lobbying instead for a clean-extension.

Late Thursday afternoon, Senate Democrats agreed to pass the House-passed extension, and are expected to vote on the measure Friday during a pro forma session. Not every senator will need to be present for the vote. Instead, the measure is expected to be passed via unanimous consent.

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