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Chris Murphy Beats Ex-Wrestling Exec. Linda McMahon in Costly Conn. Race

Chris Murphy for Congress(NEW YORK) -- Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy beat out former wrestling executive Linda McMahon for a U.S. Senate seat from Connecticut in the costliest race in the state's history.

ABC News is projecting Murphy as the winner of the Senate race against McMahon, who outspent the congressman by more than $20 million, sinking some of her own fortune into her $42 million bid.

McMahon, who ran World Wrestling Entertainment before throwing her hat into the political ring, previously spent $50 million running for Senate in 2010.

Murphy spent about $20 million on the race. He has served as a congressman for Connecticut since 2006, and was tapped to run for Sen. Joe Lieberman's seat, who announced in 2011 that he would not run for re-election. Lieberman ran as an independent and caucused with Democrats.

The costly race turned bitter on both sides throughout the campaign, as McMahon shed light on a property owned by Murphy that faced foreclosure and Murphy showed that McMahon was late paying property taxes multiple times.

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GOP Senate Candidates Denounce Romney’s Comments

Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Democrats aren’t the only ones taking issue with the now-famous fundraiser video of Mitt Romney characterizing the 47 percent of voters who will vote for Obama as “dependent on government.” Some Republicans have also denounced his comments.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, a Republican who supports Romney, issued a statement distancing himself from what Romney was seen saying.

"That’s not the way I view the world,” Brown said in a statement on Tuesday.  ”I know that being on public assistance is not a spot that anyone wants to be in. Too many people today who want to work are being forced into public assistance for lack of jobs.”

Polling in Massachusetts has consistently shown Obama with a strong lead over Romney, and strategists there agree that Brown needs to court crossover voters -- people who favor Obama -- in order to keep his seat in the fall.

Connecticut’s Republican Senate candidate, Linda McMahon, also posted a statement Tuesday.

“I disagree with Governor Romney’s insinuation that 47 percent of Americans believe they are victims who must depend on the government for their care,” McMahon said in the statement. “I know that the vast majority of those who rely on government are not in that situation because they want to be. People today are struggling because the government has failed to keep America competitive, failed to support job creators, and failed to get our economy back on track.”

McMahon, who is probably best known as the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is in a similar position to Senator Brown. Running in a traditionally blue state, McMahon will also need to court crossover voters in order to win her race.

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ABC News: Democrat Richard Blumenthal to Win Connecticut Senate

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) -- Up against the largest self-financed Senate campaign in history, ABC News projects Democrat Richard Blumenthal will win the Connecticut Senate race, based on the exit poll, keeping blue a vulnerable but longtime Democrat seat.

Connecticut was one of three crucial races -- along with Pennsylvania and West Virginia -- that Republicans' had targeted for victory in order to wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats.

Blumenthal, 64, the state's attorney general, successfully weathered a barrage of attack ads funded by the deep pockets of Republican challenger Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and wife of WWE founder Vince McMahon.

McMahon made a record-setting $50 million contribution of her personal fortune to her campaign and gave the Democrat, particularly early on, a surprisingly difficult run. Blumenthal donated $2 million of his own money to his campaign.

Blumenthal will replace Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, who has held his seat since 1981. Dodd chose not to seek a sixth term in January amid falling poll numbers in the wake of the financial crisis.

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Hecklers Interrupt Obama at Connecticut Rally

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(BRIDGEPORT, Conn.) -- President Obama's speech at a Democratic National Committee "Moving America Forward" rally Saturday afternoon in Bridgeport, Connecticut was interrupted by a group of protesters who stood up and shouted about global AIDS funding.

The president addressed the protesters directly saying, "We're funding global AIDS, the other side is not." Obama then suggested that the protesters interrupt the speeches of those who don't want to finance the fight against global AIDS.

The group has appeared at other Obama campaign events this election season, including a rally in Boston two weeks ago.

The president stopped in Bridgeport on behalf of Democrat Richard Blumenthal, who is facing former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon in a race to become the state’s next Senator.

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For WWE Fans, No Clothes Barred at Polls

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) -- A federal judge has decided that wrestling fans in Connecticut can wear World Wrestling Entertainment T-shirts when they go to the polls, ruling that clothing depicting wrestlers' likenesses and the company logo would not be considered an endorsement of Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, the WWE's former CEO.

U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton on Wednesday ruled that a state law that restricts political advertising within 75 feet of a polling place would not apply to voters wearing WWE clothing.

The lawsuit, brought by the WWE, highlights growing tensions between the multi-million-dollar company and Connecticut Democrats.

The WWE and McMahon's husband, company founder Vince McMahon, say the company has been unfairly maligned during the election, and they have launched a public relations campaign encouraging fans to contact reporters and write letters to the editor of publications attacking the WWE.

In turn, state Democrats accuse the WWE of running a shadow campaign – holding events, running a PR campaign and running stealth ads – and have filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for inappropriate interference in the election.

The WWE filed a suit last week against the state after a spokesman for Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz suggested election workers may ask voters to "cover up a hat, a shirt" bearing a WWE logo when they arrived at the polls.

Just prior to the ruling, Bysiewicz tried stepping back from the comments, issuing a memo that said voters could wear wrestling-themed regalia to the polls.

For Connecticut Democrats, the real danger the WWE poses is not from a wrestling fan wandering into a polling station wearing a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin T-shirt, but instead from the WWE, a wealthy organization which reaches directly into people's homes on an almost daily basis.

The complaint filed with the FEC by the state party alleges that WWE events to be held before and on Election Day, as well as corporate commercials that include Linda McMahon's image, break federal electioneering rules.

McMahon's campaign was adamant that "there was no coordination between us and WWE," said McMahon spokesman Shawn McCoy.

"I think what we're seeing from the Democrats is opportunistic partisan politics," said McCoy. "Despite (Democratic Senate candidate) Dick Blumenthal's reputation as attorney general for suing every company he could sue, he's never taken any action against the WWE."

The WWE echoed McCoy, saying it is "not involved in Linda McMahon's campaign."

Calls to the Blumenthal campaign were referred to the Connecticut state party.

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Former Governor Ventura: I Would Not Vote For Linda McMahon

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- She may have been his boss at WWE, but Linda McMahon won't be getting Jesse Ventura's support in her bid to be Connecticut's next senator.

“I don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans. If she ran as an Independent she could possibly get my endorsement, but I refuse,” the former Minnesota governor told ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

Ventura was on Good Morning America to tout the second season of his show Conspiracy Theory when he weighed in with some of his theories.

Most out there? That the U.S. government was in on the 9/11 plot.

“Most people attack me because I question 9/11 now and…when people attack me I always go ‘What have you studied about it other than what the government has told you and sound bite news has told you,'" he said.

“My theory is that we certainly knew it was going to happen and we did nothing to stop it,” Ventura said.

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No-Holds-Barred Fight: Connecticut Senate Race Tightens

Photo Courtesy - Getty ImagesIt was supposed to be an easy win in Connecticut -- holding the blue-state Senate seat held by Democrats for almost 50 years, but things went off-script when a former wrestling CEO won the Republican nomination. Now the seat is a must-win for Democrats if they want to keep control of the Senate, and the Democratic candidate, a popular state attorney general who hopes to succeed Sen. Chris Dodd, is facing a tough, well-funded opponent with whom he is locked in a no-holds-barred battle.

Recent polls show Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic candidate, and Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, locked in a tight race.

ABC News asked McMahon, who is running for office on her business expertise, how she would work to reduce the U.S. deficit.

"The reason I've not been specific as to particular programs and I've dealt with it in terms of rolling back non-defense discretionary spending to 2008 levels because that was an approach that I took as a CEO. You look at, OK, how are you going to cut costs and cut expenses? You can look at a 10 percent cut across the board," she said.

McMahon also said that the U.S. should freeze federal hiring and wages and take "the balance of the stimulus money and pay down the debt."

If McMahon wins, she will be the first Republican in that Senate seat since 1963.

"We've said from the beginning that this would be a tight, tough, competitive race,” Blumenthal said. “A negative [TV] attack is bound to narrow the polls and we expected it, it's happened.”

Part of Blumenthal's difficulties have stemmed from statements he made claiming to have served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It turns out he served in the Marine Corps Reserves stateside and never went to Vietnam during his tour of duty.

"I have answered the question about Vietnam saying that I am sorry that I inaccurately described my military record,” the Democratic candidate said. “I am proud of having served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and I think the voters of Connecticut are concerned about the real issues," he told ABC News.

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McMahon, Blumenthal Clash Over Vietnam, Spending At First Debate

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(HARTFORD, Conn.) -- Hours after Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon deployed a hard-hitting television ad attacking her opponent, Richard Blumenthal, for misstatements he made about his service during the Vietnam War era, the two candidates sparred in person over the accusations at their first official debate of the general election.

“There is nothing new in this ad, and there is nothing new about the McMahon attack on me," Blumenthal, the state’s Democratic attorney general said, adding that he was “sorry” that on a handful of occasions he exaggerated his military service.

McMahon, the Republican former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, released a 30-second ad in advance of Monday night’s debate in Hartford that pointedly asks: “If he lied about Vietnam, what else is he lying about?”

But Blumenthal brought his own ammunition to the forum, raising questions about his whether his GOP opponent supports cutting the minimum wage.

“That's a lie. You know that's a lie,” McMahon said. “I never said it.” Blumenthal also noted that McMahon fired “ten percent of her workers” as a business executive.

“Layoffs are hard, they are really tough to do, but sometimes you have to make those tough decisions to move your company forward,” she said.

From the beginning of the face-to-face meeting between the two candidates, who are vying to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, McMahon characterized Blumenthal as a creature of politics lacking real-world experience and casting herself as an entrepreneur who would bring change to Washington.

While recent polls indicate a tight race, Blumenthal appears to have an edge as the clock ticks down to Election Day.

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McMahon Hits Blumenthal on Vietnam Claims in New Ad

Image Courtesy - Linda McMahon for Senate 2010(WEST HARTFORD, Conn.) -- If Connecticut Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal thought his campaign had moved past the controversy over misleading statements he made about his service during the Vietnam War, he was wrong.

Blumenthal’s Republican opponent, Linda McMahon, released a new television ad on Monday using a clip of Blumenthal suggesting that he served in Vietnam.

The 30-second spot comes on the same day the two were expected to meet for their first official debate of the general election.

The ad features what the McMahon campaign said was a newly-uncovered clip of Blumenthal embellishing his service during the Vietnam War period at a 2003 appearance in Bridgeport, Conn.

The New York Times first reported in May the Democratic Senate hopeful had taken liberties with his military record -- he did not serve in Vietnam, but received a series of deferments before joining the Marine Corps Reserve. Blumenthal acknowledged his misstatements, but largely dismissed them as a series of “misplaced words.”

Though a Quinnipiac University poll released in mid-September suggested that for most voters the Vietnam issue would not be a major factor in their decision on Election Day, the race has been tightening and now both candidates appear to be running neck-and-neck in the final weeks of the campaign.

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Republican Ad Invoking JFK Draws Kennedy Ire

Image Courtesy: ABC News.(WEST HARTFORD, Conn.) -- A new ad by a Republican Senate candidate featuring images of President John F. Kennedy arguing for lower taxes has drawn the ire of the Kennedy clan. Edward Kennedy Jr., the nephew of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, posted an angry letter to Linda McMahon, the former WWE CEO and Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut. He calls McMahon's ad “dishonest” and says that using the former president’s image gives McMahon’s tax position a “false legitimacy.” The ad shows clips from President Kennedy in 1962 arguing for income tax reductions as an economic stimulus. McMahon is a supporter of extending the Bush-era tax cuts, set to expire in 2011. Kennedy argues the ad doesn’t mention that marginal income rates in 1962 were 90 percent for amounts over $400,000 -- a rate that stands at 35 percent today. The President Kennedy tax cut footage is becoming a go-to for Republicans. Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts had a similar ad when he won the special election to fill out Sen. Edward Kennedy’s term. In that ad, Kennedy morphed into Brown.

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