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Utah Governor Makes Gun a State Symbol

Utah (dot) Gov(SALT LAKE CITY) -- Utah has become the first state to officially designate a state firearm.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert recently signed legislation making the Browning M1911 the state’s official gun. The designation honors John Browning, the designer of the semi-automatic pistol. Browning was born in Ogden, Utah in 1855. U.S. armed forces began carrying the gun in 1911.

The M1911 takes its place as a state symbol alongside the Rocky Mountain Elk, the state animal; Indian rice grass, the state grass; and the Spanish sweet onion, the state vegetable.

Arizona is also in pursuit of making a gun its state symbol, as legislation is pending for the Colt single-action to become a designated symbol for that state. However, some people in Arizona are against the move following the recent shooting in which six people were killed and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, (D-Ariz.) was seriously injured.

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