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GOP Transition Chief: ‘Full Vacuuming’ Coming; No Changes Planned to Ethics Process

Photo Courtesy - GOPLeader dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- Republicans are welcoming their newly elected soon-to-be colleagues to Washington this week with the promise of major changes to the way the House of Representatives does business.

The head of Republican transition efforts, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., told ABC News Monday that the freshman class will help veteran members usher in the procedural overhaul voters say they want.

“We're inviting this energy. This place needs a full vacuuming. It needs to be cleaned out,” Walden said.

The newly elected members “bring the energy and the enthusiasm of the American people,” he added. “They're here with a lot of energy, and they’re going to get to use that energy to help us change this whole process.”

Walden said Republicans would “absolutely” give Democrats more power to influence legislation -- and secure votes on their proposals -- than Democrats allowed Republicans over the past four years.

Walden also rejected suggestions that the Tea Party classes need “controlling” by GOP leadership.

“This isn't about controlling them,” he said. “We were all out helping elect these people. We helped raise the money for them. We went out and campaigned for them in their districts. We helped recruit them.

“The notion that we don't know who these people are is really kind of humorous on the inside. They're part of our team. We're part of their team. We're one team that's going to move this country in a new direction.”

And while many insiders expect Republicans to do away with the independent Office of Congressional Ethics – put in place by Democrats, but reviled by many members of both parties – Walden said that hasn’t been a focus so far.

“Our focus on the transition is looking at other things that are much more important. And that is how the House operates, how to open it up. We're not focused in on the ethics side of things at all,” Walden said. “We're not working on that issue at all.”

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Rep. Walden Says New House Majority Plans to Enact Pledge to America and Focus on Jobs

Photo Courtesy - GOPLeader dot gov (WASHINGTON) -- Majority Transition Chairman, Greg Walden, R-Ore., in the weekly GOP address, expressed the party's plans to "focus on creating jobs," encourage Congress to spend less and work toward health care reform that will protect jobs for Americans.

"These priorities are embodied in the Pledge to America -- it's a governing agenda focused on creating jobs, cutting spending and reforming Congress, a blueprint built by listening to the American people.  In the new majority, the people's priorities will be our priorities," said Walden.

At one point, Walden seemed to echo the president's message by pointing to a lack of transparency in government and the need for a "change in culture."  President Obama in his weekly address also called for more transparency and accountability and hoped to "shine a light on a bad Washington habit that wastes billions of taxpayer dollars."

The Congressman noted that John Boehner, R-Ohio, has committed to "run the House of Representatives differently than it's been run in the past -- by both parties."
In order to encourage this new transparency, Walden said that the new transition team is already working on new initiatives such as installing public cameras in the Rules Committee where decisions are made about which bills and amendments come to the floor for a vote.

Before concluding his address, Walden urged Americans -- from all walks of life -- to submit ideas at the House GOP Office of Majority Transition's new online initiative. 

"Listening is how we built the Pledge to America, and listening is exactly how we're going to keep it.  So, log on to to learn more and to have your say," he said.

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House GOP to Seat Freshman Lawmaker at Leadership Table

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- When the new wave of freshmen House Republicans comes to Washington for new member orientation next week, newly elected representatives will hold an election to determine multiple leadership roles for the incoming class of the 112th session of Congress.

ABC News has obtained a copy of the letter being distributed to at least 84 freshmen Republicans elected last week to the House of Representatives.  

In a letter signed by the next, presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner and the next, likely Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the Republican leaders announce that the election will determine a position at the elected leadership table. 

“The incoming GOP freshman class for the 112th Congress is no ordinary freshman class, and this is no ordinary time for our nation.  Accordingly, the incoming GOP freshman class will have a larger voice at the leadership table and on the Steering Committee than previous GOP freshman classes in previous Congresses,” the letter reads. “In addition, there are various other non-elected roles in which freshmen can participate which we look forward to discussing with you during orientation.” 

Among the positions the freshmen class will elect are a Freshman Representative to the Elected Leadership Team, a Freshman Class President, two Freshman Class Steering Committee Representatives and a Freshman Representative to the Policy Committee. 

The election for freshman leadership will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 17 following new member conference organizing activities. Elections for the full House Republicans leadership team are also schedule for the same day. 

Monday morning, Rep. Greg Walden, the chairman of the GOP Majority transition team, announced that the 22-member committee will include four freshmen members, namely Tim Scott from South Carolina, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Adam Kinzinger from Illinois and Martha Roby from Alabama.

There are also eight races in the House that remain too close to call, giving Republicans an opportunity to increase their new majority even further.

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Congressman Greg Walden to Lead Republican Majority Transition Committee

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- House Republican leaders Wednesday established a committee to manage the transition to a new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the 112th Congress, naming Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) to serve as transition chairman. The Majority Transition Committee will review all House procedures and structures, with the goal of ensuring the new Congress can get to work immediately on the priorities of the American people.

“As a former small businessman, skilled legislator and trusted member of our leadership team, Greg Walden is the right person to lead this transition effort.  I’m grateful he has agreed to serve,” John Boehner (R-OH) said.  Since early 2010, Walden has served as chairman of the House Republican Leadership and was one of the first Members of Congress to call for House rules changes that would require all bills to be posted online for at least three days before they can be brought to a vote -- one of the key congressional reforms in the Pledge to America, unveiled in September 2010 after a nationwide process of listening to the American people.

“Leader Boehner has pledged to run the House differently than it has been run by both Democrats and Republicans in the past -– with respect for the American people, their intelligence, and their will.  The groundwork for these changes will be laid through the transition process,” Congressman Walden added.  “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve the American people as chairman of this process.”

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