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GOP Address: Rep. Martha Roby on Flexibility for Working Parents

Photo By Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican address, Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby spoke about the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013, a bill passed by the House of Representatives this week.

On the eve of Mother's Day, Roby dove into the details of the bill, which she sponsors. "This bill provides options for working moms and dads who need more time to take care of family responsibilities," Roby said. "It also demonstrates how applying conservative principles can help working Americans in their everyday lives."

The bill would allow private sector workers to exchange overtime wages for paid time off. This option, already available to government workers, would allow parents time to "take their child to the doctor, attend a PTA meeting, or make it to a tee-ball game," says Roby.

"What this bill doesn't do is change the 40-hour work week or how overtime is calculated," Roby explained. "The same protections that have been a part of labor law for decades remain, and we've added additional protections against coercion or unfair treatment."

Roby questioned critics of the bill who feel that employers may force workers to take time off instead of overtime pay. "Why should the rules be any different for employees in the private sector? Why should government workers have more freedom in the workplace than everybody else? And why is Washington restricting employers from offering certain benefits that government itself is free to offer."

Roby concluded by urging the Senate to act expediently on the bill. "I join my fellow House Republicans in urging the Democratic-run Senate to take up this bill and pass it soon." She also urged President Barack Obama to "listen to the working parents of our country and promise them, he'll sign this bill into law when it reaches his desk."

"This bill won't solve the debt crisis, or fix the President's healthcare law, or simplify the tax code," Roby admitted. "But the fact that we can't solve the big, overarching problems overnight shouldn't stop us from doing what we can right now to help make life a little easier for working moms and dads."

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GOP Address: Rep. Martha Roby on Stopping the Sequester

Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican address, Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby calls on the president and Senate Democrats to join the House in stopping the sequester, a set of "across-the-board spending cuts" scheduled to take effect in less than two weeks.

With many lawmakers and President Obama, as Rep. Roby points out, calling the sequestration "a really bad idea," the hope is that the cuts can be replaced with "better more responsible spending cuts," she explains.

“Just this week, top military commanders testified on Capitol Hill and confirmed what I had feared from the beginning about how the president’s sequester will hurt military installations in Alabama and around the country," says Roby, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee.

“There is a smarter way to reduce the size of government than to slash defense spending, threaten national security and hurt military families," she says, accusing the president and Congressional Democrats of holding up legislation that would replace the sequester.  She adds that President Obama would like to "push through another tax increase," while "using the military he leads as leverage in an ideological crusade for higher taxes."

But, Roby implores, "These games have got to stop."

“Our goal every day in Washington should be coming together on issues like creating jobs for hardworking American families, reining in our out-of-control debt, and ensuring America maintains a strong national defense," she says.  "To meet these goals, we can come together now to replace the president’s sequester – not with more tax increases, but with better, more responsible spending cuts that put our budget on a path to balance in 10 years."

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GOP Address: Rep. Martha Roby Says 'To Do Nothing' Is 'Greatest Threat to Our Economy'

Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Congresswoman Martha Roby of Alabama underscored the need for Washington to take action on the challenges facing Americans.  With soaring energy costs, concerns over Social Security and Medicare and a looming national debt, Roby calls on lawmakers to act now to ensure job creation and the future of the U.S. economy.

"The greatest threat to our economy, job creation and the future of our children is to do nothing.  We have to act," Roby says in this week's Republican address.

Rep. Roby says that Washington's failure to "promote policies that will put our economy on a path to prosperity," is contributing to the growing problems straining the U.S. 

One example is energy production.  Roby criticized President Obama and his administration for keeping U.S. resources "under lock and key," while promoting Brazilian-made energy.  But, she added, the House has passed several measures "designed to expand domestic energy production" to address the increasing cost of energy, which Roby says is directly related to the costs of hiring workers.

Roby also addressed the approaching debt limit. While initially rejecting the idea of increasing the country's debt limit, Roby says the only way Republicans would consider the raise is by making significant cuts in spending.

The congresswoman says that all options should be considered in attacking the national debt, but does not bend on tax hikes.

"…everything should be on the table -- everything, that is, except tax increases."

Rep. Roby also touted House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's spending reduction proposal in the address, saying it "ends the threat of job-crushing tax hikes," while protecting Medicare and senior's benefits. 

"Under Chairman Paul Ryan's plan, senior 55 and older would not be affected in any way.  That is an important point," she says. "For those of us under 55, we must take steps to ensure Medicare will still be around when we retire."

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