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Pro-Trump Website Now Allowed to Raise Cash

Bill Clark/Roll Call(LOS ANGELES) -- Donald Trump may have passed on a presidential bid for now, but his supporters intend to keep hope alive.

Trump’s top political operative, Michael Cohen, who founded the website, has morphed it into a so-called 527 group, which is allowed to raise money for political activities and issue advocacy.

Cohen says the purpose of the group is to continue to encourage Trump, who announced in May that he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, to change his mind and run. Trump has been hinting he might jump into the race as an independent.

“Americans are tired of listening to the same old promises election year after election year,” Cohen told ABC News. “Mr. Trump’s positions resonate with the American people because they are no-nonsense, straightforward and practical.”

Cohen, who is an executive vice president and special counsel at the Trump Organization, said the group will continue to promote the principles and issues that Trump espouses. And he predicted that it would “raise an enormous amount of money right away.”

The new group, Should Trump Run, Inc., was filed on Thursday as a California non-profit by attorney Paul Jensen of Jensen and Associates and is headquartered in Orange County. Cohen said the group would “fully comply with all IRS rules and regulations.”

The plan is for the group to cultivate grassroots support among Trump’s supporters. The original ShouldTrumpRun site attracted over 1.5 million visitors.

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Trump Adviser Pushes Back Against Allegations of Election Law Violations

Mike Stobe/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- An employee of real estate mogul Donald Trump denied on Monday that he did anything improper by using a private jet to travel to Iowa earlier this month to meet with political operatives and activists to discuss the possibility of a Trump presidential run.

Michael Cohen, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, pushed back against criticism that the use of the jet, owned by Trump, violated election laws -- an allegation that has been raised in media accounts as well as in an official complaint filed recently with the Federal Election Commission.

“Numerous press articles have been circulated questioning the alleged violation of FEC rules/regs stemming from my usage of one of Mr. Trump’s aircrafts used on my trip to Iowa,” Cohen said in a statement to ABC News. “For the record, which I hope will be the last I hear of this nonsense, no FEC rules/regs have been violated as my trip was not for Mr. Trump but as the co-creator of”

Cohen started the website, an effort to draft Trump for a presidential race, along with Trump supporter and friend Stewart Rahr. Cohen said in an interview that he and Rahr paid for the trip to Iowa out of their own pockets.

On Monday a Ron Paul supporter Shawn Michael Thompson filed an official complaint with the FEC asserting that Cohen had violated regulations by using the personal jet, according to a report in the Daily Beast.

However, some campaign finance experts say that because Trump has not yet announced a candidacy and has not formed an exploratory committee, the complaint is unlikely to go anywhere.

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