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Monkey Business: Tampa's Unsual Mayoral Candidate

Photo Courtesy - Monkey for Mayor(TAMPA, Fla.) -- U.S. politics can be full of monkey business, but a new campaign in Florida takes its meaning to a whole new level.

The "mystery monkey of Tampa Bay," who has gained celebrity status in the Sunshine State, is now in the running for mayor of Tampa.

"I am fed up with partisan poo-flinging," the monkey, who has yet to reveal his true self or his whereabouts to the public, said in a statement announcing his campaign.  "The taxpaying citizens of Tampa have been driven bananas by the out-of-touch political establishment and want someone who will fight for them.  I am the candidate voters will choose to navigate Tampa safely through this jungle of uncertainty."

The monkey launched his campaign this week with a sophisticated website, along with a Twitter account and Facebook page.  There are even free iPhone and Android apps that fans can download.

Tampa's infamous monkey has run amok in the city for nearly a year, boggling officials while gaining national stardom.  It has more than 81,000 fans on its Facebook page, and the mystery monkey has been featured on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel show and Comedy Central's Colbert Report, an appearance that forms the basis of the mysterious animal's first campaign ad.

The monkey, who has no publicly-revealed name, joins a crowded mayoral field of six other candidates.  But to many residents' dismay, his chances may be short-lived.

Its campaign hasn't filed official paperwork, and most importantly, it doesn't quite fit the requirements set by city election officials because it is not a person.

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