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GOP Weekly Address: Republicans Focused on Cutting the Red Tape

US House of Representatives(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's address, Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith says House Republicans are working to cut back on "unnecessary and unreasonable" regulations burdening would-be employers.

Calling on President Obama to push Senate Democrats to follow the House in passing legislation that would limit costly rules and red tape, Griffith says that job losses are irreversible. He adds, however, that "excessive regulations are reversible and fixable."

Rep. Griffith acknowledges that some rules are needed to "ensure our public safety and protect our environment," but that many regulations as they currently stand are hurting some the country's critical industries.

“The government recently finalized rules that would impose costly burdens on the producers of cement, which is the backbone of just about every construction project. If these rules were to take effect, roughly 20 percent of the country’s cement plants would shut down," Congressman Griffith says in the address. "Thousands of jobs would be sent overseas permanently, just like that. In Ragland, Alabama, a small town where nearly one in five are considered poor, these new rules led to the suspension of a $350 million cement project. It was on track to create more than 1,500 construction jobs," he added.

But Griffith offers up solutions he says both Republicans and Democrats alike could get behind.

"The House is working on a series of bills this fall aimed at cutting red tape and stopping the excessive regulations that hamper job creation," he says.

“These bills would save thousands of American jobs, and they are bipartisan. Members of both parties support these ideas right now. President Obama, who has said he’s willing to consider stopping excessive regulations, should call on the Democrat-led Senate to follow the House in passing these jobs bills. Let’s take this opportunity to widen our common ground and do whatever we can to get government out of the way so our economy can return to creating jobs."

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