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Tim Pawlenty: Obama’s Giving ‘Veto Power’ to Unions

Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- In an op-ed article for the National Review Thursday, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty attacked President Obama for stifling job growth and maintaining too chummy of a relationship with unions, saying he's going as far as giving unions a “veto power.”

“President Obama says he wants to ‘win the future,’ but his labor policies are losing new jobs,” Pawlenty wrote.  “Instead of prioritizing jobs and growing the American economy for all hard-working Americans, the Obama administration is now dictating where companies are allowed to create new jobs.”

Pawlenty’s jabs came a week after the National Labor Relations Board filed a lawsuit aiming to stop Boeing from opening an airplane production plant in South Carolina, a non-union state.  The NLRB argued Boeing is opening a plant in South Carolina in retaliation to a unionized workers’ strike in Washington state.

But Pawlenty took that as an assault on job creation and the decisions of businesses and the American people.

“Last week, the Obama administration filed a lawsuit to prevent a company, Boeing, from creating new jobs in one state rather than another," Pawlenty wrote. "This is another outrageous overreach by the federal government. Not only do we now have a law forcing people to buy a good or service (i.e. health care), the federal government is now dictating where companies can and can’t do business!”

Pawlenty accused Obama of giving “veto power” to unions and stripping jobs away from South Carolina workers.

“He is giving Big Labor veto power over where American companies can and cannot build their production facilities, and South Carolina doesn’t make the cut for an investment that would provide new jobs and American products to be shipped around the world,” he wrote.

Earlier this week, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called on Republican presidential candidates to voice their opinion on the Boeing labor dispute as the presidential hopefuls head into next week’s debate.

South Carolina is slated to host the first Republican presidential debate on May 5, and the Palmetto State is typically the first southern state to hold its primary.

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