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Obama Stops by Marquette-Syracuse Basketball Game

Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama caught a little bit of hoops fever Saturday afternoon, stopping by the Marquette-Syracuse NCAA men’s college basketball tournament game at the Verizon Center.

The basketball-loving president didn’t pick Marquette or Syracuse to make it to the Elite 8 in his bracket, but instead, thought Miami and Indiana would make it to that level.  The president had picked Indiana to win it all, but the team was knocked out by Syracuse in the Sweet 16.

The president said he picked Syracuse to win other games at the urging of Vice President Joe Biden, who attended Syracuse for law school.

“Biden told me that if I didn’t pick em’ he wouldn’t talk to me,” Obama said while filling out his bracket with ESPN.

Earlier this week, the president acknowledged that his bracket is “busted.”  Three of his Final Four teams are still in the tournament.

While at the Verizon Center, the president talked with Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, also known as RGIII, according to a tweet from a reporter.

Syracuse ousted Marquette on Saturday 55 to 39.

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President Obama Welcomes Kentucky NCAA Champions to the White House

SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama was reminded Friday of the perils of going public with his NCAA tournament bracket, accepting defeat as he welcomed the champion University of Kentucky Wildcats to the White House.

“This was the fourth year that I filled out my bracket on ESPN. And what I’ve learned is that if I make the right picks, I look like a genius. But if things go the other way, then a team like Kentucky gets to come to my house and remind me, in person, that I was wrong,” the president said, laughing. “So it is a double-edged sword.”

The president, an avid basketball fan, picked North Carolina to beat Kentucky in the title game, but UNC never made it past the quarterfinals.

Defending his pick, the president joked that he knew Kentucky was good “but in the end, I thought, they got all these freshmen. These guys are too young. And, keep in mind, at this time last year, three of the Wildcats’ five starters were still in high school. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist couldn’t even vote yet.”

“But let’s face it, sometimes talent trumps experience,” the president said. “And sometimes a bunch of young players, even if they’re used to being big fishes in their ponds, even if they’ve never played together before, they can buy into a system, they understand the concept of team and they do something special right away. And that’s exactly what happened in Kentucky.”

When Kentucky defeated Kansas to win the title, Coach John Calipari told the president Friday, the players started jumping up and down shouting “We’re going to the White House! We’re going to the White House!”

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Obama Offers NCAA Bracket Challenge

Hemera/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- “Think you got game?”  That’s the question President Obama is posing to sports fans in a new, online interactive contest aimed at expanding his re-election campaign’s contact list and collecting some grassroots cash.

With the “Obama Bracket Challenge” on the campaign’s website, supporters can electronically make their picks for the 2012 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and see how they measure up against Obama.

The president has filled out a March Madness tournament bracket each of the past three years during an interview with ESPN’s Andy Katz.  He’s expected to do so again this year, and his campaign will post his selections online.

To participate, users must provide their full name, email address and ZIP code.  They’re also prompted to make a donation to the campaign after submitting their picks.

“We’ll publish a list of everyone who does better than the president here on after the tournament is over,” the campaign says.

Obama will attend a first-round NCAA men’s tournament game in Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday. He’s bringing as a guest visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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