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Former Meg Whitman Housekeeper: 'I'm Not Anyone's Puppet' 

Photo Courtesy -- ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Nicky Diaz, the former housekeeper of California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Tuesday denied claims that she is being manipulated by the campaign of Whitman’s Democratic opponent, Jerry Brown.

“I make my own decisions.  I’m not anyone’s puppet,” she said of her public allegations of mistreatment by her former employer.  “Meg Whitman was wrong when she said someone put a gun to my head.  Nobody did.  I wanted to speak out because I wanted people to know who Meg Whitman is.”

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who has ties to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, also appeared with Diaz and refuted Whitman’s recent claims that Nicky is being used as a political tool.

“The truth is Nicky never asked or expected to be part of Whitman’s family.  But she expected to be treated family,” Allred said. “She certainly did not expect to be kicked to the curb and thrown out like garbage.”

Whitman fired Diaz, an undocumented immigrant who had worked as a cleaner and caretaker of the her children for nine years, after learning she had been living in the country illegally.

Whitman campaign spokeswoman Andrea Jones Rivera responded to Allred and Diaz's press conference by calling it a "circus" that is drawing focus from the "serious challenges" facing California voters.

"After nearly a week of press conferences, Gloria Allred still refuses to disclose who is paying her fee and who has helped her orchestrate this stunt," Jones Rivera said in a statement.

A Hill Research poll conducted this week shows that 68% of Californians view Gloria Allred unfavorably, and that despite the Brown campaign’s best efforts to capitalize on the controversy, the race remains neck-and-neck.

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