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Mea Culpa: Pawlenty Admits Debate Mistake

Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Tim Pawlenty Thursday night admitted that he made a mistake Monday in pulling his "ObamneyCare" punch directed at rival Mitt Romney.

After coining the derisory term on FOX News Sunday, Pawlenty opted to pull back from it at Monday's debate, despite being pressed by CNN's John King, who even went so far as to question the former Minnesota governor's guts.

Mea culpa, Pawlenty admitted Thursday night.

"I should have been much more clear during the debate, Sean," Pawlenty told Sean Hannity on FOX. "I don’t think we can have a nominee that was involved in the development and construction of ObamaCare and then continues to defend it. And that was the question, I should’ve answered it directly; instead I stayed focused on Obama."

"But the question really related to the contrast with Governor Romney, and I should have been more clear, I should have made the point that he was involved in developing it, he really laid the groundwork for ObamaCare and continues to this day to defend it," he added.

It's the second time Thursday Pawlenty has acknowledged his mistake at the debate.

"On seizing debate opportunity re: healthcare: Me 0, Mitt 1. On doing healthcare reform the right way as governor: Me 1, Mitt 0," Pawlenty tweeted Thursday afternoon.

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Pawlenty Dials Back 'Obamneycare' in New Hampshire

ABC News(MANCHESTER, N.H.) -- Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty coined a word Sunday -- Obamneycare -- and he has spent the past day trying not to repeat it.

Reporters following Pawlenty around New Hampshire have asked him if this new word, tying frontrunning Republican Tim Pawlenty to President Obama on health care reform, signals a newly-combative Republican contest and if Pawlenty will stir the pot at Monday's debate.

ABC's Aaron Katersky asked Pawlenty about the "Obamneycare" statement outside Caesario's pizza parlor in Manchester. Pawlenty did not repeat the term.

"I was just asked a question that related to similarities between what Obamacare was and what they did in Massachusetts and reiterating the president's own words that he looked to Massachusetts to merge or blend those proposals. That the president said he looked to Massachusetts as the blueprint for his plan."

Asked if he would use the term during Monday's debate, Pawlenty said "probably not."

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Shots Fired: Tim Pawlenty Blasts 'ObamneyCare'

Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Ahead of Monday's GOP debate in New Hampshire, Tim Pawlenty has launched his strongest attack yet at rival Mitt Romney in unveiling a new term: "ObamneyCare."

Appearing on FOX News Sunday, Pawlenty said, "President Obama said that he designed ObamaCare after RomneyCare, and basically made it ObamneyCare. We now have essentially the same features. The President's own words is that he patterned in large measure ObamaCare after what happened in Massachusetts. What I don't understand is they both continue to defend it."

"I took a different approach in Minnesota," Pawlenty continued. "We did market based health care reforms trying to encourage consumers with good information to make good decisions and financial incentives in a market place. But I strongly oppose the individual mandate at any level. I am one of the parties in the lawsuit in Florida trying to get it declared unconstitutional. I think it is a dramatic overreach by government forcing a consumer to buy a good or service because of a government edict or mandate. I think it is a dramatic overreach. I don't like that approach under Obamacare and I have been a strong critic of it. I think we should repeal ObamaCare in its entirety."

Asked by Chris Wallace about the economic plan he outlined last Tuesday in Chicago, Pawlenty acknowledged that his proposal -- which assumes five percent GDP growth for the next decade -- is "a stretch" and "aspirational."

"This is aspirational. It's a big goal. It's a stretch goal," he said.

"Is this aggressive and bold? Absolutely," he added. "But I don't buy into the declinist view and attitude of President Obama that we're going to settle for anemic growth or average growth."

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