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Occupy Protesters Arrested Outside Michele Bachmann Iowa Headquarters

ABC News(DES MOINES, Iowa) -- Ten people associated with Occupy protest movement were arrested outside the headquarters of GOP contender Michele Bachmann Saturday.

The protesters, who Bachmann suggested had come at the behest of President Obama, turned out moments before the Minnesota congresswoman was set to arrive to phone Iowans asking for their support in Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation caucus.

“The people outside are President Obama’s re-election advance team. That’s what you’re seeing outside. What they recognize is that I’m the greatest threat to Barack Obama’s re-election and I intend to be,” Bachmann told reporters after arriving at her offices.

According to spectators, there were a few dozen protests outside the building, located in strip mall here. Among those arrested were two teenagers, including a girl believed to be 14-years-old.

Bachmann, was set to make an entrance at the office by driving herself in the campaign’s large black pickup truck. When she received word about the protests she pulled into a parking lot nearby and waited.

When asked by ABC News why she was not making her way to headquarters, she replied from driver’s side of the truck: “We’re getting ready to go. They’re trying to get everyone assembled. We’ll be there in about a minute.”

Later she tried to outrun and shake ABC News and two print reporters who had followed the truck from an event in Des Moines, where she lunched with an undecided voter for a local television news piece.

Bachmann arrived at her headquarters, entering through a backdoor.

There, she was mobbed by volunteers – many of them students bused in from her out of state alma mater, Oral Roberts University – bypassing any residual protesters and police in the front of the building.

Protesters were also seen at the headquarters of contenders Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry.

Hundreds of protesters from across the country are expected to arrived in Des Moines on Jan. 3, the night of the caucus, to disrupt the candidates and caucus -going.

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Occupy Iowa: Police Arrest 5 Outside Ron Paul’s Office

Alex Wong/Getty Images(ANKENY, Iowa) -- Ron Paul has been officially occupied. A handful of Occupy Des Moines members blocked the entrance to Paul’s campaign headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, on Thursday, demanding that the front-runner in the GOP primary race retract his pledge to cut the EPA if he’s elected president.

The police arrested five of the demonstrators and charged them with trespassing, according to Danielle Ryun, a member of the group.

Ryun said the protesters had planned to blockade Paul’s office until he formally rescinded his often repeated vow to dismantle the EPA. “I feel like we were effective as long as we were getting the message out to voters,” she said.

Occupy Des Moines doesn’t have formal plans to restart the blockade, Ryun said after the protesters were arrested in the morning.

The Occupy movement has targeted the campaign trail in Iowa in the days leading up to the state’s caucus on Jan. 3. On Tuesday, members held a “people’s caucus” to plan the disruption of the presidential campaigns. Recently, protesters ambushed Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

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