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Santorum Acknowledges Pennsylvania Is a Must-Win State

AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Rick Santorum acknowledged Sunday morning that the Pennsylvania primary April 24 in his home state is a must-win for his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

“We have to win Pennsylvania and we’re going to win Pennsylvania. I have no doubt about that,” Santorum said on “Meet the Press.”

Reporters have asked Santorum all week if he needs a win in Pennsylvania to continue in the race, but before Sunday he simply said he had “every intention of winning Pennsylvania.”

Santorum’s lead over Romney in Pennsylvania has shrunk over the past month, causing speculation that the former Pennsylvania senator could lose his home state.

Santorum also said that if Mitt Romney receives the 1,144 delegates needed to secure the nomination, he would step aside, but said the governor still has a long ways to go to achieve that number.

“If Governor Romney gets that required number, then without a doubt, if he’s at that number we’ll step aside,” he said. “But right now he’s not there. He’s not even close to it. Like I said, less than half the delegates have been selected. We’ve got a long way to go and we’re going to fight the fight to make sure we can win.”

Santorum, who has bowled five times in the past week in an attempt to show voters how easy he is to relate to, also appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” during which he revealed that his highest lifetime bowling score is 241.

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