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Rick Perry Running? ‘Absolutely,’ Says 'Texas Monthly' Editor

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(AUSTIN, Texas) -- Look for another entry into the Republican field: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is poised to jump into the race for the presidency in the coming weeks, Texas Monthly senior executive editor Paul Burka told ABC News on Friday.

“Absolutely. He's running,” Burka said. “He's been talking about it with his family -- his family's behind him. His friends are behind him. And I really think this something that came -- that started in 2010 when he was running for reelection as governor. He's been thinking about this for a long time.”

Burka said Perry is eyeing an announcement around the time of his August 6 day of prayer event in Houston. That timing also closely coincides with the Ames Straw Poll the following weekend in Iowa.

Until then, Perry has put the pieces in place he’ll need to run – writing a book, delivering policy speeches, doing targeted national media appearances, and establishing an agenda in Texas “that mattered to Republican voters.”

“Instead of doing things that Texas government usually does, which is health care, law enforcement, schools, we dealt with these hot-button Republican issues during the session,” Burka said.

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