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Two House Democrats Want to Postpone Congressional Leadership Elections

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- It may not come to pass, but a push by two House Democrats to put off Congressional leadership elections until after Thanksgiving is yet another symbol of the ongoing feuds within the Democratic Party in the wake of last week’s stinging defeat at the ballot box. Even though there have been some flare-ups on the GOP side over House leadership positions, once again Democrats are looking like the disorganized ones.

In a letter sent Tuesday to fellow members, reps. Marcy Katpur of Ohio and Peter DeFazio of Oregon wrote, “Following the loss of our majority, we should fully understand the causes of our historic losses before we begin the process of rebuilding. If we do not to learn from our losses we will remain in the minority until we do learn." They continued, “We are not endorsing or opposing any leadership candidate with this letter, but we are seeking more time for a more thoughtful discussion with everyone in the same room.”

They called on their colleagues to join their cause by close of business Friday. Politico’s Jonathan Allen points out that it’s “a move that could give potential challengers to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants more time to gather their forces.” But aides to Pelosi say they expect leadership elections to take place as scheduled next week. 

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