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Tax Deal Passes First Vote in Senate

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Senate took the first step towards passage of a controversial tax deal hashed out between President Obama and the GOP leadership, but the plan still faces a tough battle in the House, where the president's own party has vowed to fight it.

The deal passed a procedural vote in the Senate, and will come to a final vote later in the week -- perhaps as early as Tuesday -- before it is taken up by the House.

In a procedural vote, 68 Senators voted in support of the legislation, which extends Bush-era tax cuts into the new year. Sixty votes were needed.

The first seven senators who voted "no" were Democrats.

"Passing this bill so that the biggest tax hike in the history of the country won't happen is one thing that will bring some certainty -- and maybe more certainty than anything else -- to our economy," said Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.

The deal, which extends the tax cuts across all incomes, including the rich, also extends unemployment benefits and provides $400 billion dollars in new tax cuts and credits.

Last week, House Democrats said they would not entertain a vote on the deal without further negotiations with Republicans and the White House. The White House over the weekend pushed back hard, saying no further negotiations would take place.

"I'm not here to negotiate. We have a framework, we have an agreement. I don't anticipate it's going to change greatly," Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod told ABC News on Sunday.

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