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Rove-Encouraged Third-Party Group Pushes House Dems to Support Tax Compromise

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Crossroads GPS -- the third-party group founded with the support of GOP guru Karl Rove that doesn’t disclose its donors and spent tens of millions of dollars running campaign ads in the midterms (largely against Democratic candidates) now needs 51 percent of its expediters to be issue-related, instead of campaign-related in order to maintain its tax status.

And it has begun -- with $400,000 for a one-week radio buy for ads to run in the congressional districts of a dozen House Democrats, to encourage them to vote for the tax compromise negotiated by President Obama.

“She’s bacccccckkkkk,” says the announcer in the 60-second ad. “Nancy Pelosi’s at it again…Trying to raise taxes while our economy struggles…On New Year’s Day, taxes skyrocket for everyone unless Congress acts. Even low-income families will see their tax rates increase by 50 percent. But Nancy Pelosi is blocking the bipartisan plan to stop these tax hikes.”

The ad asks “whose side” the congressman in question is on – will he or she “side with Nancy Pelosi to raise job-killing taxes, or with struggling families and the small businesses that can create the jobs we need?”

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