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Romney Campaign Readies ‘Go Teams’ for Potential Swing State Recounts

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- How seriously is the Romney campaign taking the possibility of a post-Election Day recount?

Romney campaign officials have instructed members of their staff from the political and advance teams as well as other departments to “pack a bag” and bring it with them to Tuesday night’s election night event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Each notified staffer would be part of a “go-team” to be dispatched to one of several states where a close result might lead to a recount. (Inside the campaign, Ohio is the state that has loomed largest in discussions.)

Campaign planes are said to be on stand-by to ferry staff to their as-yet-unknown destination if needed.

In the state capitols of many of the battleground states, the campaign has also kept a small team of advance staffers who would also be ready to spring into action.

“We’re expecting a clear and decisive victory tonight,” a Romney campaign official told ABC News, “but we’re obviously ready for any scenario.”

The campaign already has both volunteer and staff lawyers camped out in all of the swing states.

Team Romney has also set up a “war room” at the TD Garden in Boston where a team of the campaign’s top legal officials, including Benjamin Ginsberg, who played a lead role for George W. Bush’s campaign during the 2000 Florida recount, are monitoring potential problems at polling locations.

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Conservative David Prosser Retakes Lead in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(MADISON, Wis.) -- Wisconsin's topsy-turvy Supreme Court race -- widely seen as a referendum on Republican Governor Scott Walker -- took another dramatic turn as incumbent justice David Prosser, a conservative, moved convincingly back into the lead.

On Wednesday, liberal challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general, had appeared to eke out an upset -- besting Prosser by 204 votes in an unofficial tally. But officials in heavily Republican Waukesha County now say they discovered a counting error that, when rectified, gives Prosser an additional 7,582 votes.

Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus blamed the error on her failure to save results from the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield on her database. She told reporters, "This is human error which I apologize for."

If the new results hold -- and a Democratic official in the county said they appear to be accurate -- Kloppenburg faces an uphill fight in a recount because the new margin is too large for the state to pick up the costs.

The race has been closely watched because Walker supporters and detractors viewed it as a proxy battle for his controversial move to strip state employees of union rights.

It produced a record turnout: nearly 1.5 million votes were cast for what is typically a low-key judicial election. The outcome is significant because Wisconsin's Supreme Court may soon decide the legality of the state's anti-union law.

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House Candidates in Undecided Races Beg for More Cash, Volunteers

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Razor thin vote margins in several congressional districts where Republican challengers are hoping to knock off a few more incumbent Democrats have campaigns on both sides mobilizing for a fight.

Renee Elmers, the Tea Party and Palin-backed candidate in North Carolina’s second district, leads her opponent Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge by around 1,600 votes. But Etheridge is not backing down.

“We really feel with the way the trend is going now that we’re going to win this race,” he said Thursday.

Elmers is not taking any chances, telling supporters in a fundraising letter Thursday that she’s hiring 11 attorneys to monitor the vote count in each of the district’s counties – all to the tune of at least $50,000.

“I never dreamed I’d be asking you for another donation two days after the election – but I need to raise $50,000 ‘yesterday,’” she says.

The NRCC apparently declined to help foot the bill; but Sarah Palin has begun riding to the rescue. “SarahPAC help is on the way for @Renee4Congress recount fund. Will other PACs join us? How about Beltway GOP?” Palin tweeted Friday.

Meanwhile, in Arizona’s 8th district where Republican challenger Jesse Kelly trails Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by roughly 3,000 votes, the call is out for volunteers to hover over county election officials as they make their final tallies.

“We need volunteers to observe the ballot counting in Pima Co. Plz contact Lynne [number withheld] if you are near Country Club and Valencia,” Kelly tweeted Friday.

Republican businessman Keith Fimian, who’s trying for a second time to unseat freshman Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly in Virginia’s 11th district, is also begging for donations and volunteers to wage his fight to the bitter end, even though he’s behind by 900 votes.

 “This process has required us to hire an experienced election lawyer and continue paying staff to engage a strike force of several dozen volunteers who are vigilantly monitoring the process for us,” Fimian spokesman Tim Edson said in a fundraising email.

And in California, where anyone who wants a recount must pay for it themselves, trailing candidates in two House races are likely mulling the fees they may have to fork over in the days ahead.   In Alameda County, as the Mercury News notes, a recount requires a $5,000 deposit and up to $1,500 a day.

Republican David Harmer trails incumbent Rep. Jerry McNerney by around 500 votes in the state’s 11th district, while Democratic Rep. Jim Costa is staring down a 2,000-vote gap with Republican Andy Vidak in the 20th district.

Five other House races – IL-08, KY-06, NY-25, TX-27, WA-02 – are awaiting final vote counts and certification by state election officials before potential recounts or legal challenges could ensue.

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