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Rep. Kinzinger: House Freshmen Likely to Support Budget Deal

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The budget deal cutting only $38.5 billion in federal spending this year registered as a disappointment to some conservatives – including Tea Party supporters who pressed for a quick $100 billion in cuts.

But newly elected representatives appear likely to support the deal negotiated by House Speaker John Boehner, freshman Rep. Adam Kinzinger told ABC News on Tuesday.

“You could always cut more. We always want bigger cuts -- we always want more,” said Kinzinger, R-Ill. “But given the situation...given what we've been looking at -- and this is the largest decrease since World War II -- this is the opening salvo.”

“So am I fully happy with it? No. I would have loved to have seen more. But given the situation we're in, you know, as I continue to pore over this -- it's been released today -- this is something that I think I'll support.”

While each of the 87 House Republican freshmen will make up their own minds, Kinzinger said he thinks most of the class will vote along with Boehner. Kinzinger gave the speaker an “A” for his role in negotiations with Senate Democratic leaders and President Obama.

Kinzinger said he’s inclined to support the budget proposal put forward by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Ohio, saying, “I’m definitely leaning towards doing it.”

“This is a very bold vision that I think has been outlined. It's politically risky. There's no doubt about it. This is a risky vote. But the American people and the people in the 11th District did not send me here to make easy votes, to do politically easy things. They sent me here to make tough decisions. And this is it.”

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