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Rep. Beutler: Washington Overspending, Overregulating

U.S. House of Representatives(WASHINGTON) -- Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler of Washington State gave this week's Republican address trying to assure Americans that the new House Majority "is hard at work on eliminating regulatory barriers to job creation."  While Americans, she says, are coping with double-digit unemployment rates and the rising costs of gas and health care, Washington is overspending and overregulating.

Rep. Beutler highlighted several initiatives of the new Republican majority that she said would help to boost small business and, in turn, create jobs.

"Earlier this month, the House voted to repeal the 1099 mandate in ObamaCare that will hamstring small businesses," she said in the address.  Beutler added that hearings would take place on the REINS Act which, she calls "commonsense reforms" that will give the "people's Congress as say before the government tries to implement and costly, job-crushing regulations."

Beutler echoed what has perhaps been one of the GOP's main talking points recently which is cutting back on federal spending to address the $14 trillion debt.  She said that already, Washington spending has been cut by $10 billion over five weeks.  But she stressed that more cuts would be necessary by cutting the government overspending that "crowds out private investment" jobs.

"That's why last month the House passed a measure, reflecting the will of the people, that includes significant cuts and reforms in the way Washington D.C. spends taxpayers' time and money."

Rep. Beutler called for the Senate to follow the House in passing a spending bill so as to avoid a government shutdown.  In order to bring the economy back to job creation, she said, Congress can't duck the responsibility they have to rein in spending.

As other Republican lawmakers have underscored recently, Beutler urged Washington to "dialogue about entitlement reform."  Beutler said that without reforms, small business and programs like Medicare and Medicaid won't be there for future generations.

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