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Rep. Lankford: ‘Not Spooked’ by Reaction to Paul Ryan Budget

Office of Congressman James Lankford(WASHINGTON) -- Despite anger that’s erupted at town hall meetings in districts across the country, Republicans are standing by their support for House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s spending plan --including the controversial proposal to phase out Medicare for those who are now under 55 years of age.

Speaking to ABC News on Thursday, Rep. James Lankford, a freshman Republican who serves on the House Budget Committee, chalked up the anger to “organized efforts” by liberal groups to try to embarrass Republicans, and said “the majority of people that I’ve talked to” support the Ryan budget.

“I haven't had any second thoughts on passing the Ryan budget at all,” said Lankford, R-Okla. “What's funny is people are throwing out statements, questions like, ‘It's radical,’ ‘It's extreme. It's all this crazy stuff. You're throwing the elderly out on the street.’ If they actually stopped and read it rather than listening to all the hype, they would look at it and go, ‘Well, that's not all that radical.’”

“I don't have any second thoughts,” Lankford continued. “And there are some organized efforts that are here in Oklahoma just like there are all around the country. There are and multiple groups have been sending out e-mails here saying, show up at the town hall meetings and raise Cain and ‘protect’ signs and all those things…”

“In reality, the majority of people that I've talked to have said that this looks like a very reasonable plan for a program that is going insolvent in the days to come.”

The reaction to the Ryan budget has been a lesson in how Washington works, Lankford said.

“I'm not spooked about it at all. What I’m interested in is really how Washington works,” he said. “It's funny, I see now why people don't put out big ideas, because every time you throw out a big idea everybody is going to demagogue it. They're going to call it what it's not, and then try to get to stop moving forward on it.”

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