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Freshman Rep. on Government Shutdown: ‘We Wait and See...’

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(WASHINGTON) –- With the clock ticking to March 4 – the day the government is set to run out of funding with further action by Congress – “what-if” scenarios are beginning to circulate on Capitol Hill, with the possibility of a government shutdown looming over budget discussions that start in earnest this week.

Though GOP leaders say they have no interest in seeing the federal government shut down, they have not ruled out that prospect. And they’re likely to face pressure from Tea Party activists and lawmakers to take their fight over spending to that kind of extreme, if their demands for cuts aren’t met.

Freshman Rep. Paul Gosar told ABC News on Monday that he hopes Senate Democratic leaders follow the lead of House Republicans, who are insisting on $100 billion in spending cuts from this year’s budget.

Asked if he could support a government shut down if the cuts don’t materialize, Gosar, R-Ariz., said he would have to wait and see.

“We've had that adult discussion in our side -- we'll have that discussion coming about on the [House] floor. And I hope the Senate takes heed of that. And I think there's plenty of people that are listening over there with eyes wide open.”

Regarding President Obama’s budget proposal – which includes deep cuts to some domestic programs but also expansions in other areas of spending – Gosar called it a “Valentine’s heartbreak for the American people.”

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