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At Rally, Obama Showers Virginia Democrat With Praise

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.) -- President Obama kept his evening plans to stump for embattled Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Addressing a nighttime rally at the Charlottesville Pavilion, President Obama made an impassioned plea for Rep. Perriello’s reelection.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by," Obama told the crowd, "just to make sure that you get out and vote for one of the best congressman Virginia has ever had, Tom Perriello." 

Obama started his remarks by asking the crowd if they were fired up.  By the emotion and body language he displayed, however, it seemed it was the president who was fired up.

Obama spoke with added emphasis (at times raising his voice to shout) about his belief Perriello has been a tremendous member of Congress.

“Go Tom, go! Go Tom, go! Go Tom, go,” Obama shouted to the crowd after they started the chant.
The president said political courage is hard to come by these days and that Perriello has demonstrated tremendous courage in Congress by taking on insurance companies, credit card companies and Wall Street banks.
“The question I have for you is: When somebody like this has your back, do you have his back?” the president asked.

Obama added, “He didn’t go to Washington to do what was easy, what was popular.  He went to do what was right.”

With Democrats facing the possibility they will lose their majority in the House of Representatives, Obama urged the crowd to vote, saying, "If everybody who voted for change in 2008 shows up" then his party will do well. 

Obama swiped at Republicans for feeling "cocky" about their chances of winning big on Tuesday and said both parties need to work together going forward.

After President Obama addressed reporters this afternoon at the White House about the credible terror threat posed by explosive material found in packages bound for the U.S., White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the president’s schedule was not expected to change.  The Virginia rally was Obama's only stop for a Democratic congressional candidate and it was the beginning of a final campaign push.

Perriello has faced a tough reelection campaign in his conservative district after narrowly winning the seat in 2008.  He’s backed the president on key pieces of legislation such as the health care and stimulus bills. Perrielo trails his Republican challenger, State Sen. Robert Hurt, in polls.

Campaigning around the country, the president has mentioned Perriello as one of a group of "courageous" Democrats who cast tough votes in support of his agenda even though, perhaps, it was not in their best interests politically. 

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Vulnerable Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello To Get A Boost From Obama

Photo Courtesy - Perriello dot House dot gov(WASHINGTON) -- Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello, one of the year’s most endangered House Democrats, is getting something that no other Congressional candidate has received this year: an exclusive, public visit from President Barack Obama.

The president will travel to Charlottesville, Va. on Oct. 29 to campaign for the freshman Democrat, who has been a key White House ally in Congress.

Perriello is battling Republican state Sen. Robert Hurt to hold onto his seat in the state’s fifth district, which Sen. John McCain carried in 2008 even though Obama won Virginia.

President Obama has held fundraisers for other House Democrats this election season, but his trip to central Virginia will be the first time he will stump for a single member of Congress. Perriello is one of the few congressional Democrats who might actually want Obama by his side during a year when so many lawmakers are running away from the president and his agenda.

The Virginia Democrat has backed the Obama administration on many of its most important priorities, including the stimulus, health care reform and climate change bills -- three votes that Hurt has been highlighting in his bid for the seat.

Earlier this month, Obama called Perriello and several other House Democrats "courageous" for casting difficult votes. "There have been a surprising number of folks who have been willing to stand up,” Obama said at George Washington University on Oct. 12. “There have just been some folks who really stood up knowing that they might be putting their congressional careers at risk. And that’s been a pleasant surprise.”

Perriello won his seat in 2008 by just over 700 votes out of more than 300,000 ballots cast. Recent polls show Hurt in the lead, although the race remains tight. Obama's visit was first reported by the Charlottesville Daily Progress.

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