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GOP Address: Boehner Calls On Obama to 'Make Good' on Energy 'Rhetoric'


Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican address, House Speaker John Boehner challenges President Obama to urge the Senate to move on bipartisan-backed energy bills already passed in the house.

This week, the House approved a budget hatched by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., that Speaker Boehner says will "remove barriers to job creation."  With this legislation, Boehner says policies blocking domestic energy production and driving up gas prices on Americans will also be cut.  But this bill's fate is uncertain, once it reaches the Democratic-controlled Senate, Boehner warns.

"You see, the Senate hasn't passed a budget in more than 1,000 days, a failure of leadership that has contributed to Washington's 'stimulus' spending binge," he says in the address.

What's more, Boehner says the House has passed other measures, "several of which would implement the Republicans' 'all-of-the-above' energy strategy to address rising gas prices and help create jobs."

Speaker Boehner calls out the president, saying he "assured leaders in Congress there was room for common ground," but instead, he blocked the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline along with the project's potential jobs.

"He also successfully urged Senate Democrats to take up energy tax legislation that won't lower the price of gas, and according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, would actually make it more expensive," Boehner says.  After these two actions by President Obama, the Speaker adds, "Clearly the president has some sway over Senate Democrats."

"So today I'm challenging President Obama to make good on his rhetoric and urge the Senate to allow a vote on bipartisan, House-passed energy bills," Boehner declares. "Let's seize on our own common ground and move forward on a path to a real 'all-of-the-above' energy strategy."

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Tea Party Activist Calls on Bachmann to Quit Race

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(PURCELLVILLE, Va.) -- Michele Bachmann’s flailing campaign and media-repeated gaffes have damaged the reputation of the Tea Party and she should drop out of the presidential race rather than risk further hurting the movement, a prominent Tea Party activist said in a stinging statement.

“It’s time for Michele Bachmann to go,” Ned Ryun, president of activist group American Majority wrote on the site’s blog Thursday, accusing the Minnesota congresswoman of attempting to co-opt and appoint herself leader of the decentralized movement.

“Every day the campaign flounders [sic], it risks hurting the credibility of the movement. If she really is about the tea party, and making it successful, it’s time for the Congresswoman to move on. The Tea Party doesn’t have a spokesperson, and it’s certainly not Michele Bachmann,” Ryun wrote.

His comments quickly raised the ire of the Bachmann campaign, with campaign manager Keith Nahigian accusing him of being a shill for competitor Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“The strength of the Tea Party is all individual’s opinions are valued but the no single leader speaks for it. Mr. Ryun, who supports Texas Gov. Rick Perry, is entitled to his own opinion. And that’s exactly what he is expressing. Michele Bachmann enjoys strong support from Americans across party lines and that certainly includes the Tea Party. She will continue to be a strong advocate for the values and principles reflected by the Tea Party as she works toward a victory in the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses as she seeks to win the Republican nomination,” Nahigian said in a statement to ABC News.

Ryun told ABC News that neither he nor American Majority had endorsed Perry or any other candidate.

Bachmann founded the Congressional Tea Party Caucus and was instrumental in publicizing a Tea Party march on Washington and often identifies herself as a Tea Party Republican.

But Ryun accused her of using those "Tea Party credentials" to rise “from obscurity to a national platform like no other.”

He said he was motivated to write the blog because Bachmann in recent weeks has made her campaign about social rather than fiscal issues, but continues to maintain that she is some sort of Tea Party leader.

“The Tea Party has always been about fiscal issues, economic issues, limited government. The Tea Party was never the second coming of the Christian coalition,” he told ABC News.

American Majority works in seven states and Ryun trains many activists. The Tea Party is a loose-knit movement and activists make a point to say it has no one leader or spokesman.

Larger organizations affiliated with the movement were not inclined to back Ryun on his call for Bachmann to quit her campaign. Freedom Works, perhaps the largest of the Tea Party-affiliated groups, was also disinclined to support the Bachmann boycott, and said her gaffes were no worse than those of any other candidate.

Freedom Works has not endorsed a presidential candidate.

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Obama Campaign Raising Cash Off Koch’s ‘Gutter Politics’

Comstock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- The Obama campaign Wednesday said that its supporters should be offended by comments made by conservative billionaire Charles Koch and that his “smears” should “motivate” them to donate to the president’s campaign.

At a private function in June, Koch, who along with his brother David has given millions of dollars to conservative and libertarian causes, used the words of Saddam Hussein to compare the 2012 election to the Iraq War, calling it “the mother of all wars.”

“If that offends you, it absolutely should,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in an email to supporters Wednesday. “But it should also motivate you, because you are the only thing that can stop them.”

“The Koch brothers and the front groups they fund have decided on the tone they want the election to take in the coming months -- and we should expect these kinds of smears to only get worse. But we still have a say about the kind of race we want to run and the kind of political climate we want to create. Take a stand now to support it,” Messina wrote, asking supporters to make a donation of $15 or more.

While the Obama campaign questions the tone set by Koch’s “gutter politics,” the Obama administration has come under fire in recent days for refusing to comment about the remarks of Teamster Union Leader James Hoffa, who called Tea Partyers "sons of bitches” when he spoke at a Labor Day event about 20 minutes before President Obama on Monday.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney declined to acknowledge that Hoffa’s comments were contrary to the president’s call for increased civility in Washington.

“I understand that there is a ritual in Washington that, you know, somebody says something and you link the associations and then everybody who has an association with him or her...has to avow or disavow it. The president wasn’t there -- I mean, he wasn’t on the stage.  He didn’t speak for another 20 minutes.  He didn’t hear it,” Carney said.

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Jon Huntsman to Unveil Jobs Plan in New Hampshire

Tom Williams/Roll Call(HUDSON, N.H.) -- Jon Huntsman will reveal his job creation strategy at the Gilchrist Metal Fabricating plant in Hudson on Wednesday, August 31st, ABC news has confirmed.  The announcement was first reported by New Hampshire’s Union Leader.

Huntsman’s decision to announce at a New Hampshire industrial facility plays both to his early primary aspirations as well as his made-in-America ideals.  His spokesperson Tim Miller tells ABC News: “Governor Huntsman is going to lay-out an economic agenda that would turn our economy around and allow entrepreneurs to thrive and create jobs -- just as he did in Utah where the state led the nation in job growth. He believes its time for us to make "made in America" mean something again, and a Granite State manufacturer is a great place to start.”

The former governor has touted job creation as a primary campaign platform since his official announcement on June 21, telling the audience: “We must reignite the powerful job creating engine of our economy -- the industry, innovation, reliability, and trailblazing genius of Americans and their enterprises -- and restore confidence in our people. We can and will own the future.”

Huntsman’s announcement comes just days before GOP rival Mitt Romney unveils his own job creation plan in Nevada on Sept. 6. Gilchrist Metal president Jack Gilchrist, who is a registered independent, told the Union Leader that he has not endorsed a candidate yet, but is happy to provide a venue for Huntsman’s announcement. The event kicks off a six-day tour through the Granite State, which will include a “Politics and Eggs” speech at Saint Anselm College as well as several stops at local fairs and house parties.

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