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GOP Address: Congress Should 'Get the Nation's Fiscal House in Order'

US Senate(WASHINGTON) -- With the U.S. unemployment rate hovering above eight percent for the last 32 months, Republican Sen. Richard Burr says it is time for the federal government to get out of the way, spend less and focus on creating a "climate for growth and jobs."

Burr says businesses are simply not going to hire if tax and federal regulations become too uncertain.  If Congress passes legislation that "makes the rules that govern job-creating investments more predictable," more Americans could be working full-time.

But first, Burr says, "Congress should lead by example and get the nation's fiscal house in order.  It starts with better stewardship of taxpayer dollars."

"The government of the future has to be smaller and less expensive if we want the prosperity of the American people to win out," he continues.

Burr criticizes President Obama for ignoring the suggestions set forth by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform -- a commission created last year by the president.

"Rather than implement the implement even a single one of the strategic reforms and investments suggested by Simpson-Bowles [Alan Simspon and Erskine Bowles], we continue to ignore our fiscal problems and focus only on spending more money and expanding the size of the federal government," he says.

Instead, Burr says "Republicans want to drive job creation in the private sector."  With a jobs proposal that Burr says will 1. simplify and stabilize the tax code; 2. stop over-regulation by the government; 3. cap spending and reduce deficits; 4. reform healthcare; 5. encourage more energy independence; 6. create a competitive workforce and 7. increase U.S. exports, America can get "back on the right track."

Burr adds that despite differences in ideology, both Democrats and Republicans have shown support for many of these proposals.  For example, he says, "There is bipartisan agreement on the need to fundamentally reform our tax code to make it simpler, more fair and more predictable for all Americans and job creators."

"It's time to stop playing games and get on with the serious business that the American people expect from us," Sen. Burr says. "It's time to fundamentally reform the obstacles to job creation and economic growth."

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