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Rahm Emanuel's Tenant to Quit Chicago Mayor's Race

Photo Courtesy - Chicago for Rahm Emanuel(CHICAGO) -- As Rahm Emanuel faces more than two dozen challenges to his candidacy for Chicago mayor, at least he has one less person to worry about.

Rob Halpin, the renter who currently resides in Emanuel’s Chicago home, Monday ended his short-lived run, citing financial and legal hurdles.

“As a life-long Chicagoan, I considered a mayoral run because I am passionate about the city, its residents and its future,” Halpin said in a statement.

“However, the realities of entering the race at this relatively late stage, including the financial and legal hurdles I'd have to leap in order to win, have forced me to reassess my intention to run at this time.”

The Chicago mayoral field still remains crowded. Even with Halpin out, there are still 15 candidates currently jockeying for the position. Election officials Monday disqualified four other candidates because of flawed petitions.

Halpin renewed the lease on Emanuel’s Chicago home just days before Mayor Richard Daley announced he wouldn’t seek another term. Daley’s announcement led Emanuel, who had long expressed interest in the position, to quit his job as White House chief of staff and run for Chicago mayor.

Halpin refused to cut his lease short despite requests from Emanuel, and instead lodged his own campaign.

Emanuel now faces several challenges to his residency, which claim that because he wasn’t living in Chicago the last year and because he rented out his home, he is not eligible to run for mayor. Emanuel’s lawyer argue that his intent was always to return to the Windy City and that he still votes there and pays local taxes.

The hearing on Emanuel’s petition challenges began Monday. 

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Stubborn Renter Considering Challenge to Emanuel for Chicago Mayor

Photo Courtesy - Chicago for Rahm Emanuel(CHICAGO) -- Rahm Emanuel not only has a turf fight on the homefront in his bid to become Chicago's mayor, but a turf fight in his home.

When the former White House chief of staff decided to return to Chicago this year, he first asked Rob Halpin, the man renting his house while he was in Washington, to move out. Halpin refused.

Now, from the comfort of Emanuel's own home, Halpin is considering a bid for Chicago mayor.

''People have come to me asking me to consider running for mayor," Halpin told ABC affiliate WLS in Chicago. "If they get the signatures needed and get me on the ballot, I will run."

That is a pretty tall order. Halpin needs to file a petition with 12,500 signatures by Nov. 22 to make the February election.

Opposition to Emanuel's march to become mayor may need some help. In the days after longtime mayor Richard Daley's surprise announcement that he would not seek another term, as many as 15 local leaders suggested they'd be interested in succeeding him.

"Some just don't have the resources to go up against Rahm," says Dick Simpson, a politics professor at the University of Illinois. "He'll face four or five viable candidates" when they file later this month, but "Rahm is the frontrunner."

But even if Halpin's bid is a non-starter, it has drawn attention to an issue that helps the so-called Rahm-stoppers: Emanuel's residency.

The question of whether he is even qualified to run has loomed over him. The challenge likely to be raised by opponents is based on a longstanding municipal statute that says a candidate must have resided in the city for one year preceding the election.

The city code is clear and there's a real case to be made against Emanuel, election lawyer Burton Odelson said.

"If Rahm had left his house vacant, just as the president of the United States did, and come back to it on occasion, he would have no problem," he said. "He gave up his interest in living in the city of Chicago."

If so, he also gave it up to a stubborn renter and now a possible challenger.

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